University of Zaragoza

Information and Application Instructions:

Only if this is your first year at the University of Zaragoza or you did not apply for this card last year.

The University of Zaragoza ID card is based on a smart card (chip card) that enables it to be used not only for purposes of identification, but also to access a series of automated services detailed below.

The University wishes to inform you that pursuant to the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13th governing the Protection of Personal Data, your information will become a part of the “Student Database of the University of Zaragoza” which is used for purposes of academic and administrative management in accordance with the terms of the University Resolution Creating Databases passed on July 16th, 2002.

You can enrol at the university institution where you will be studying or from home, in both cases using the self-enrolment system by internet.

You can obtain the following documents from the Reception Booth at your institution: class schedule and examination dates.

Read the information posters at the institution or get additional information from the institution’s Reception Booth.

Payment of public-rate fees in the July/September/October enrolment period can be made:

1. As a SINGLE payment:

  • standing order (indicate bank account number during e-enrolment only if it is the first time or if your details have changed from earlier years).

The total amount will be charged to your account in the week following enrolment.

Required documentation


Students will enrol via Internet. It is very important to read all of the instructions provided before enrolling.

Where can you self-enrol?

a) From any point with an Internet connection.

All students may self enrol, except in some very specific situations such as for students with combined studies, validations, academic file transfers, etc.

The University of Zaragoza provides a telephone number for enquiries and a URL for direct assistance via chat to resolve any problems immediately.

  1. Health Sciences
  2. Sciences
  3. Social and Juridical Sciences
  4. Engineering and Architecture
  5. Arts and Humanities

Health Sciences

English name Study/Degree Credits Registration Fee (Euros) info-e-mail
Acupuncture Master’s Degree 63 4.000

Ph.D. IN


Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Biochemistry and Molecular and Cellular Biology

Food Quality, Safety and Technology

Animal Production an Food Sciences

Chemical Analytical Science

Analytical Chemistry

Master’s Degree Courses


Faculty    /     College

Master in Information Technology and Mobile Communications Networks


College of Higher Engineering and Architecture

Master in Systems and Computer Engineering




Those students who have completed their university studies abroad may apply for them to be officially validated as the equivalent of a specific Spanish degree.

The validation of foreign university degrees implies the official recognition of their validity in Spain for academic purposes. It may be applied for by Spanish citizens or foreigners who have obtained an official degree of higher education abroad which was fully undertaken at an authorised centre.