Seminario invitado en el DIIS en el marco del Master de “Robotics, Graphics and Computer Vision" - Hector Martínez and Alejandro Rituerto, Lunes 13 de Febrero

Hector Martínez and Alejandro Rituerto, AI Team @BSH Home appliances
Machine Learning powered smart appliances at BSH
LUNES 13 de Febrero. 13.00h. Edificio Ada Byron EINA. Aula 07

Abstract: Do you imagine visualizing from your mobile what is inside your fridge and automatically add to your shopping list what is missing? In BSH, we are developing the home appliances of the future using machine learning techniques.

This process involves several complex and different steps, which are fundamental for the success of the project, and go beyond just implementing an ML algorithm.

In this talk, we will explain the lifecycle of a machine-learning project in production, we will deepen into all different stages and roles you need to succeed.


Bio: Alejandro Rituerto is Industrial Engineer and got his PhD in Computer Vision and Robotics at the University of Zaragoza. He has more than 10 years of experience in applying Computer Vision in many different fields, like human assistance navigation, Augmented Reality or defect detection in production processes. Now he is part of the AI team at BSH that works in developing smart functionalities for home appliances based on AI.


Héctor Martínez holds PhD in Augmented Reality and has 15 years of experience in research and production projects. Since he joined BSH Home Appliances, he has worked on several projects launched to the market, including cutting edge AI projects.