GISU: Digital and Entrepreneurship Academy programs

La próxima semana del 24 de octubre tendrán lugar los dos próximos programas de formación GISU.
GISU es una alianza de universidades comprometida con el intercambio multilateral que promueve el intercambio de formación y experiencias entre ciudades hermanadas. Su objetivo es promover le intercambio de recursos académicos, mejorar la educación, incrementar la cooperación tecnológica y científica y promover el desarrollo urbano.

Los links Zoom para las sesiones se encuentra a continuación:

Intellectual Economy: Challenges vs Opportunities 

Wednesday, October 26, from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm (Beijing Time)

This program explains the concept of an Intellectual Economy as the newest economic system. This system is mediated by intellectual and technological transformations of productive forces and economic agents, patterns of their interaction, exchange and commodity-money relations which form a new sixth technical and technological paradigm. Thus, the program will determine the basics of an intellectualized mechanism of sustainable economic development according to new patterns of economic agent interactions in this novel economic system, the specifics of their development, as well as the features of transformed process of value creation. This transformed mechanism is supplemented by a program to stimulate investment demand, an updated venture model and a modified model of the business ecosystem of additive production. 

This program will be led by Tetiana Pavlenco, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor, National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” and lecturer Julia 

Yereshko, DSc, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of the Economic Cybernetics Department.

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Exploratory Data Analysis through Machine Learning Algorithms 

Friday, October 28, 2022 from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm (Beijing Time)

Exploratory Data Analysis is an exciting way of applying interesting techniques to uncover unknown or difficult to manually determine patterns through the application of Feature Transformation and Engineering. This program will not only review various useful ways of Exploratory Analytics using example dataset but also demonstrate ways of implementing various supervised Machine Learning Algorithms to build predictive models.

This program will be led by Dr. Asif Karim who is a Research Intensive Lecturer with Charles Darwin University, Australia. His primary research interest is AI based Data Analytics and predictive model development, especially in the arena of Health Informatics. He also works on Blockchain based Smart Contracts. Dr. Karim has a number of publications in international top tier journals and Conference proceedings. 

Join Zoom meeting: https://charlesdarwinuni.zoom.us/j/88227958795?pwd=TUFBOEp3OGFyb3NTci8zM2NwcGxZdz09

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Meeting ID: 88227958795.