Seminario INMA Impulso: "nano-Particles, micro-NMR & mini-Devices"

El jueves 1 de diciembre tendrá un lugar un nuevo seminario INMA-Impulso. Un ciclo de Conferencias organizado por el Instituto de Nanociencia y Materiales de Aragón, INMA, instituto mixto del CSIC y la Universidad de Zaragoza que trata de acercarnos a la investigación más puntura.


En esta ocasión, la conferencia correrá de la mano del Prof. Aldrik H. Velders del Wageningen University & Research (The Netherlands), que presentará el seminario:"nano-Particles, micro-NMR & mini-Devices".


Este seminario tendrá lugar el jueves 1 de diciembre a las 12:00 horas de manera presencial en la Sala de Conferencias del Edificio I+D del Campus Río Ebro.


Resumen del seminario:


Within the Laboratory of BioNanoTechnology (BioNT) in Wageningen, The Netherlands, we design and investigate novel materials and systems over a multitude of length scales. I will elaborate on a few examples in three of our research areas. Starting at the lower nanometer scale, we are intrigued by the self-assembly processes that govern formation and dynamics of (hard & soft) subcomponents in hybrid coacervate-core micelle systems, which we study with high-resolution NMR spectroscopy and (cryo-)TEM. We are further inspired by the potential of miniaturizing analytical instruments, and in particular, we develop our own microfluidic NMR & micro-MRI set ups for, e.g., reaction monitoring and plant imaging. And finally, we are advocating open-technology and DIY approaches in science as well as teaching, with polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) as our work horse in creating mini-sensors & devices, among others for pathogen, e.g. COVID-19, detection.