26 mayo “Thursday´s NanoSpin-off Talks” con la Spinoff Advanced Dispersed Particles

El 26 de mayo a las 17h se llevará a cabo en el ciclo de charlas de la Cátedra SAMCA de Nanotecnología  “Thursday´s NanoSpin-off Talks”, la charla “Advanced Dispersed Particles, technology-based company for a new generation of mineral filters that protect in the broad spectrum with a single ingredient ”


En esta ocasión la sesión se va a desarrollar de manera PRESENCIAL en el  AULA del  Edificio I+D  del Campus Rio Ebro de Zaragoza.


También se emitirá en directo vía ZOOM: https://zoom.us/j/97146489179


ADParticles is a technology-based company established in 2011 as a spin-off of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). The main activity of the company is the development, manufacture and commercialization of mineral sunscreens and pigments for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical sectors, under the brand of ADPCosmetics. These product ranges are based on titanium oxide and zinc oxide or iron oxides and are on the market under the names of enhanceU and effectiveU.

ADParticles was born after more than 10 years of research that resulted in a patented nanoparticle dispersion method. From this method, the company developed and scaled its manufacturing process, which is protected by trade secret and can be applied to other sectors (catalysis, polymers, cements, magnets). The company is currently focused on development, manufacturing, sales in national at international markets and adaptation to the Pharmaceutical Quality Management System.

The company has achieved several rounds of capital investments and its majority investors are BeAble Capital, CDTI and a Spanish family office  of the cosmetic sector, together with CSIC researchers.