Conferencia IUCA: "Stress and life: Pro-oxidant effects of engineered nanomaterials to acquatic organisms"

Mañana, 4 de abril a las 11:30 horas tendrá lugar la conferencia impartida por la Prof. Vera Slaveykova, Directora del Instituto F.A. Forel de la Universidad de Ginebra con el título: "Stress and life: Pro-oxidant effects of engineered nanomaterials to acquatic organisms".

Breve resumen de la conferencia: “The generation of the reactive oxygen species (ROS) and the oxidative stress is currently considered as a central paradigm for assessment of the effect of manufactured nanomaterials (MNM) on the environment. ROS, comprising both free oxygen radicals and non-radicals derivatives at low to moderate levels, are involved in essential biological functions such as cellular signaling or cell proliferation. However, overproduction of ROS surpassing a cell's antioxidant capacity can lead to oxidative stress and consequent DNA, lipid or protein damages inducing possible cell death. This lecture presents the existing knowledge on the ability of MNMs to generate ROS, their pro-oxidant potential and intensity. The role of different factors affecting their pro-oxidant effects will be discussed and illustrated with examples of our own research.”

Este evento, organizado por el IUCA, está integrado en el Máster Universitario en Nanotecnología Ambiental – EnvironNano.

Fecha: Martes, 4 de abril de 2017, 11:30 horas

Lugar: Sala de Grados, Edif. A Facultad de Ciencias

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