Ciclo Conferencias IUCA 2016. “Industrial Revolution or “Pandoras Box”: Environmental Risk Assessment of Nanomaterials”.

La Prof. Vera I.Slaveykova de la Universidad de Ginebra impartirá la conferencia el viernes 8 de abril en la Facultad de Ciencias del Campus San Francisco.

El próximo viernes 8 de abril tendrá lugar la conferencia “Industrial Revolution or “Pandoras Box: Environmental risk assessment of nanomaterials." programada dentro del Ciclo de Conferencias 2016 organizado por el IUCA.

La conferencia, impartida por la Prof. Vera I. Slaveykova, directora del Instituto F. A. Forel, de la Universidad de Ginebra tendrá lugar a las 12:00 h. en el Aula 1 del Edificio D (Químicas) de la Facultad de Ciencias (Campus San Francisco).


Advancement of nanotechnology has greatly enhanced material versatility and efficiency by enabling the manipulation of material properties at the nanoscale. Due to its great potential and promise for the future, nanotechnology is considered as the “sixth truly revolutionary technology” introduced in the modern world. The use of engineered nanomaterials in various applications is rapidly growing, therefore their concomitant environmental release is inevitable, which rises important concerns about the environmental implications and possible risks. This lecture presents the existing environmental risk assessment methodology for the evaluation of potential risks of conventional substances and addresses the specific aspects related to nanomaterials still requiring further development. The existing conceptual and methodological challenges of applying the environmental risk assessment procedure for nanomaterial are discussed.

Breve CV de la ponente:

Vera Slaveykova is a full professor of environmental biogeochemistry and ecotoxicology at the University of Geneva and director of the Institute F.A. Forel. Her research interest are in development of new tools and concepts to study the basic processes governing the behavior of trace elements, and nanoparticles, their interactions with various biotic and abiotic constituents of the aquatic systems, that are highly relevant to water quality and environmental risk assessment. She is editor of Environmental Science and Pollution Research journal.