Access to the EHEA doctorate


To enter the Doctorate Programme in the research period, you will need an official Master’s Degree or a qualification of the same level issued by a higher education institution in the European Higher Education Area.

Candidates holding a degree from an educational system outside the European Higher Education Area may also be accepted onto the course, without prior accreditation of this degree, provided that said degree provides an equivalent level of training to a Spanish Master’s degree and allows the holder to undertake Doctoral studies in the awarding country. In no case does such admission imply recognition of the student’s previous qualification.

Access is also open to:

• Holders of 60 or more credits included in one or more University Master’s degrees.
• Holders of a first degree of at least 300 credits.

The documents provided by these students must be translated into Spanish (if not written in one of the languages habitually used in Spain) and legally approved according to the procedure explained below.



Dates and place of admission and enrolment 2012-13


  • Admission

Date:To 24/9/2012

Place: Secretary’s Office of the responsible Department/Institute/University

  • Enrolment

Date: October 2012





Third Cycle Section
Calle Pedro Cerbuna. 12. 50009 ZARAGOZA (España)
976761000, Ext. 3040, 3041 and 3043.