University ID cards

Information and Application Instructions:

Only if this is your first year at the University of Zaragoza or you did not apply for this card last year.

The University of Zaragoza ID card is based on a smart card (chip card) that enables it to be used not only for purposes of identification, but also to access a series of automated services detailed below.

To personalise your card, you should fill out one of the two forms available in the Guide fo enrolment and attach an original photo. It must be handed in together with the rest of the enrolment documentation at the Secretary's Office of your Centre.

The time the university card is valid for will be determined by the University, and will be at least as long as the student remains at the University.

Unless otherwise specified, students that have the university card of the two previous years do not have to fill in the form, and can use the one they have.

Issuing of cards:.

As soon as your University ID Card has been created, you will be issued it in the way determined by the University.
From the start of the academic year, you will find detailed information on the whole process on the website