• Idiomas imprescindibles: English Intermediate Level
  • Conocimientos necesarios:

High knowledge and use of Phyton, JavaScript, Postgres, PHP, GIS (Geoserver, OpenLayers) / Knowledge on Geographic Information Systems and most specifically in GIS-IT technologies (geoinformatics)

  • Conocimientos valorables:

According to the tasks described, we think that the following profile would be interesting: Bachelor’s Degree in IT/Computing Science, Geography, Environmental Sciences, Software Engineer with knowledge on Geographic Information Systems and technologies (MSc in Geographic Information Systems and/or specific courses on GIS and/or demonstrable experience in GIS open communities, software and systems). The described skills in Programming are a must

  • Características personales:

Willingness to work and live in a multi-cultural environment. Proactive and open-minded. Self-going and better if she/he has previous experiences living abroad

  • Titulaciones propuestas por UNIVERSA (recordar que son orientativas): GEOGRAFÍA, FORMACIÓN EN SIG


  • Tipo de institución: Empresa
  • Actividad de la Empresa/Institución: Energía Renovable
  • Localidad: PRAIA
  • Tareas a desarrollar:

One of the sections in the platform is the ECOWREX Spatial Data Infrastructure (ECOWREX SDI), developed to support the energy planning process to the regional and international stakeholders interesting on the sustainable energy development in West Africa. The ECOWREX Spatial Data Infrastructure is the section in which geospatial data is shared with users according to international standards on data interoperability and sharing.

Recently it was finalized the implementation of the hydropower mapping project, in which different geospatial technologies and methodologies were used to model and calculate the hydropower potential of all rivers in West Africa. Project results are available on

During the implementation of the project, a command line tool to generate images-graphs of longitudinal profile river sections with information on elevation in meters and discharge in m3/seg for the specific river section was prepared using Phyton language and Jupiter Notebook. The task of the trainee is to help and support the team with the definition and development of a solution to integrate the command line tool into the platform, which is developed using Geoserver and OpenLayers, and more specifically into the ECOWREX Map Viewer (

Additionally, the person will support the ECOWREX team with the definition and development of improvements in the ECOWREX platform such as the development of specific functionalities and applications in the map viewer and country profile sections, etc.

  • Fecha de comienzo: 01/07/2018
  • Número de plazas: 1
  • Jornada (Media/Completa): Full Time
  • Horario: 9:00 – 17:00
  • Ayuda económica voluntaria mensual de la empresa/institución: No
  • Otro tipo de ayudas voluntaria de la empresa/institución:

The reception company/institution pays the accommodation

  • Beca Neta Mensual de UNIVERSA (cantidad mensual a ingresar al becario): 588 €
  • Reembolso del viaje de UNIVERSA: hasta 1100 €
  • Valoración de becarios anteriores (sobre 5 puntos): 4,48  (número de cuestionarios: 8)

Fecha límite:

  • 27/03/2018




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