• Idiomas imprescindibles: English High Level
  • Conocimientos necesarios:

Excellent GIS skills (ability to carry out spatial analysis using both vector and raster data, good visualization skills, expert in metadata, systematic way of carrying out tasks and documenting all the phases, used datasets, etc.). Knowledge on ecosystems and ecosystem services, understanding of the importance of nature to human well-being. Good scientific literature reviewing and scientific writing skills

  • Conocimientos valorables:

Knowledge on NVivo or other qualitative analysis software.

  • Características personales:

Ability to work both in a collaboration with other team members who might have different backgrounds but also ability to work independently and enthusiasm to develop solutions to problems. Tolerance of stress in an actual project world. A happy member to a happy team!

  • Titulaciones propuestas por UNIVERSA (recordar que son orientativas): GEOGRAFÍA Y ORDENACIÓN DEL TERRITORIO/AMBIENTALES


  • Tipo de institución: Research Institute
  • Actividad de la Empresa/Institución: Research Institute
  • Localidad: HELSINKI
  • Tareas a desarrollar:

Activity of the Company/Institution: Environmental research and expertise regarding nature, biodiversity and ecosystem services, environmental policy, freshwaters, marine areas, sustainable production and consumption and climate change.

Tasks for the trainee: Participation in research projects carrying out GIS analyses and GIS method development in solving environmental problems e.g. in relation to spatial planning or urban development, urban ecosystem service provision and demand, etc. Literature reviews, participation in meetings or seminars can belong to the tasks, too.

  • Fecha de comienzo: 01/02/2018
  • Número de plazas: 1
  • Jornada (Media/Completa): Full Time
  • Horario: Flexible working hours (7 hours 35 minutes per day) between 6:30 and 19:00
  • Ayuda económica voluntaria mensual de la empresa/institución: >500€
  • Otro tipo de ayudas voluntaria de la empresa/institución:

The reception company/institution provides information so that the trainee can look for their accommodation

The reception company/institution offers meals at the Centre, paid by the trainee

  • Beca Neta Mensual de UNIVERSA (cantidad mensual a ingresar al becario): 0 €
  • Reembolso del viaje de UNIVERSA: hasta 700 €
  • Valoración de becarios anteriores (sobre 5 puntos): 4,70  (número de cuestionarios: 2)
  • Más información:

Our intention is to check if we can pay a normal trainee salary which is 1400 €/month (minus the taxes). This will be confirmed by the end of November 2017.

Duration: 5 months

Fecha límite:

  • 31/10/2017




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