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Marburg, May 20, 2003

Dear Members of RC51,

As we have informed you already through our website and the last Newsletter which was published just recently in the Journal of Sociocybernetics, available also on our website, the ISA made it mandatory for all RCs to raise their own RC membership fees, in addition to the ISA membership fee.

As you will realize in the text attached, our board has kept the fees to the indispensable minimum.

It is extremely important, however, that all of us pay these small fees as quickly as possible, ideally within the next few weeks. The reason for this is that the ISA has already effectively changed its mode of operation according to this new regulation. This means, that since January 2003 only those of us are considered as members of RC51 in good standing who have paid BOTH the ISA membership fee AND the additional small fee for RC51.

At the time being, hardly anybody fulfills these conditions yet.

This situation has to be changed very rapidly, as subsidies from the ISA and in particular the session slots for the next World Congress of Sociology are allocated on the basis of members in good standing, i.e. those who have paid both ISA and RC fees. Decisive for the number of our sessions in Durban in 2006 will be the number of ISA members we´ll have at the end of 2003, i.e. THIS YEAR already!

Our membership situation before Brisbane was, that we had around 140 ISA members, which meant we were the third largest RC. To get the maximum number of time-slots, subsidies etc. it is necessary to have more than 100 ISA members in good standing.

I am confident that RC51 can pass this mark by the end of the year again, but only if each single one of you helps and pays her or his RC51 fee without delay, or even better, brings in one or two friends and colleagues as new members!

The board will do everything to handle the administrative procedure efficiently and effectively . But after all, an RC is what the members do and especially in this case it is all of you, each single member, who has to act and to support our RC in a difficult phase of transition to new ISA rules.

Please read carefully the attached information about the
RC51 membership fees and feel free to ask if anything is unclear or if you have any doubts.

With best regards

Bernd R. Hornung
- President -
ISA RC51 on Sociocybernetics

E-mail: hornung@med.uni-marburg.de

. . . . . . .

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