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The ISA, as our parent organization, provides the overhead facilities and resources from which all of the members of RC51 profit. This includes the organization of the quadrennial World Congresses of Sociology – the next one to be held in 2006 in Durban, South Africa – where the number of sessions an RC is allowed to have is determined on the basis of the number of the RC´s ISA members. But also subsidies, e.g. for newsletters, travel or congress fees, are determined on this basis. To take advantage of these services, an RC has in turn to comply with the statutes and the regulations of the ISA.

At the last World Congress of Sociology in Brisbane, in July 2002, the ISA Executive Committee announced an important new decision. According to this decision all Research Committees are now obliged to raise their own membership fees. Up to that point RC51 was one of the very few Research Committees which did not levy any membership fees whatsoever. RC51 had managed to operate on a zero budget thanks to the cooperation of the board members and the institutions to which they are attached, but also thanks to the consequent and intensive use of email and the Internet. According to the decision of the ISA this situation had to change. This means, that a fee is due for RC51 membership. However, the board of RC51 decided to keep membership fees at a minimum.

Membership Fees for RC51

  • - US$ 25 for regular members in ISA country category A per 4 years
  • - US$ 15 for student members in ISA country category A per 4 years
  • - US$ 10 for members (regular and student) in ISA country categories B and C per 4 years.
  • - Life members 1 payment of a double fee after reaching the age of 60 according to country category.

Exceptions to these rates are possible upon request to the treasurer (see below) in cases of urgent needs.

Requests for both exceptions and for student rates have to be addressed to the treasurer of RC51 providing appropriate reasons for the exception requested or, in case of student membership, proof of the student status (copy of a valid student ID card or a similar document).

Modalities of Payment

ISA members: Payment to the ISA, either together with the ISA membership fee or independently of the ISA membership fee. The ISA will forward the money to RC51. The money can be paid to the ISA by:

  • 1) Credit card (Master, Visa, Eurocard) either through the ISA website or by fax or regular (air-)mail (details see below). On the website there is only one form which can be used for payments both for ISA and RC membership. To pay an RC membership only, fill out the identification data and the financial data part of that form and tick ONLY the fee for RC51, NOT the ISA membership fee! Attention: If you pay by credit card directly through the website,
    Therefore the use of regular (air-)mail or fax is advisable.
  • 2) Personal cheque or bank draft in US dollars drawn on a US bank or a branch of a US bank.
  • 3) International money order at the post office at a relatively small cost.
  • 4) Bank transfer, in which case all charges have to be covered by the member sending the money, which may be quite expensive.
  • 5) Members from category B and C countries who do not have credit cards can use the services of Western Union.

  • Non-ISA members: Payment directly to RC51.

    • 1) Payment on the spot at a World Congress or one of the annual “Conferences on Sociocybernetics” organized by RC51.
    • 2) International money order at the post office at a relatively small cost to be sent to RC51 (President, details see below).
    • 3) Bank transfer to the account of RC51 (details see below), in which case all charges have to be covered by the member sending the money, which may be quite expensive.
    • 4) Payment in cash by mail or airmail to RC51 (President, details see below) at Marburg, Germany. Please check first the legal status of this procedure in your country. At any rate, the sender has to take the full risk in case of loss of such a letter.

The fees are given in $ US, as this has been the standard currency used by the ISA so far. The account of RC51 being located in Germany, however, the payments can, of course, be made in Euro as well.

Procedure of Payment

  • 1) Payments of RC51 fees by ISA members have to be made directly to the ISA for a
    full 4 year period.

    Non-ISA members can effect their payments for a full 4 year period directly to RC51 according to the modalities stated above.

  • 2) Having paid the RC51 fee, each member, ISA and non-ISA, is expected to inform the treasurer of RC51, best by e-mail, about the:
    • a) date of payment,
      b) amount paid,
      c) modality of payment,
      d) expiration date of the current ISA membership.

  • 3) RC51 will send a receipt by e-mail to the respective member, in case of ISA members upon confirmation of the payment by the ISA Secretariat.

Contacts and Bank Account

  • For general information the websites of the ISA and of RC51 can be consulted:

  • Specific questions to the ISA and payments by fax can be directed to:

    • Fax no. (ISA): +34-91352 4945
      E-mail: ISA@sis.ucm.es

  • All questions concerning RC51 membership fees and related financial issues should be directed to the treasurer of RC51:

    • Treasurer of RC51 on Sociocybernetics
      Diane Laflamme
      Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)
      421 Edouard-Charles
      Montréal, Québec, Canada H2V 2N3

      E-mail: <rc51treasurer@sympatico.ca>
      Fax: (514)-987-4337
      Phone: (514) 271-7055

  • All money transfers and payments by non-ISA members should be sent to:

    • Bernd R. Hornung
      Account no. 39 72 049 02, BLZ 533 400 24
      SWIFT Code: COBADE FF 533
      Bahnhofstr. 2
      D-35037 MARBURG, Germany

      Postal Address:

      RC51 on Sociocybernetics
      c/o Dr. Bernd R. Hornung
      Luetzenwiese 14

      E-mail: hornung@med.uni-marburg.de
      Fax: +49-6421-286-6572
      Phone: +49-6421-286-6395
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