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to the Electronic Processing and Publication of Person-related Membership Data
by Research Committee 51 (RC51) on Sociocybernetics of the
International Sociological Association (ISA)

According to the European Data Protection Directive as well as National and State Laws on Data Protection, which in the case of member countries of the European Community have to comply with the European Data Protection Directive, the electronic processing and storage of person-related data is prohibited, unless explicitly permitted by a law or by the informed and voluntary consent of the person concerned.

Considering that both the parent organization of RC51, the ISA, has its seat in Spain and that a large part of electronic data processing on behalf of RC51 is done by means of computer systems of the University of Zaragoza, Spain, which is hosting the RC51 website, the present declaration on data protection for person-related data handled by RC51 is formulated in accordance with the requirements of the European Data Protection Directive.

Person-related data being processed by RC51 falls into three categories:

1) Address data - to identify and communicate with the member also with regard to his/her functions within RC51 and the ISA, including respective data about such functions.
2) Administrative and financial data - concerning payment of fees, membership status, and organizational issues related to the different RC51 activities a member may participate in.
3) Scientific data - for scientific communication and work, which may include (scientific) CVs, lists of publications, abstracts, publications (e.g. full papers) etc.

All person-related data RC51 obtains from its members will be processed only by RC51 itself for its own statutory purposes including the necessary administrative procedures. It will be communicated to the ISA Secretariat, as our parent organization, to the extent that this is necessary for the statutory purposes of RC51 and/or the ISA.

In particular individual cases information about single members of RC51 will be communicated to non-members, provided that this is for a statutory purpose, e.g. to establish research contacts, and that it can be evidently assumed that it is in the interest of the RC51 member concerned. Data transfer in such cases will be restricted to the indispensable minimum.

Apart from this, RC51 will not forward person-related data to other RCs or other scientific groups outside the ISA without appropriate consent of the members concerned. In particular, RC51 will not forward any membership lists.

RC51 will not publish any information in the Internet without the explicit and informed consent of the person concerned according to the following Declaration of Consent.

All members of RC51 involved in the management of RC51, irrespective of their location, are obliged to keep person-related membership data confidential and to take appropriate measures to ensure data protection according to the present declaration. They are not permitted to disclose data of RC51 members to anybody unless in accordance with the statutory purposes of RC51 and the present Data Protection Declaration and any regulations which may be derived from this.


to the Electronic Processing and Publication of Person-related Membership Data by
ISA RC51 on Sociocybernetics

As a member of RC51 on Sociocybernetics I am aware that my person-related data will be processed by RC51 and communicated to other persons or organizations only according to the Data Protection Declaration of RC51 which complies with the requirements of the European Data Protection Directive.

I agree to the publication of my data in the Internet according to the list below, taking myself full responsibility for the possible consequences and being clearly aware that:
- person-related data in the Internet is absolutely not confidential but available worldwide to anybody who has access to the Internet. Such data can easily be processed and evaluated along with any other data about my person available in the Internet or elsewhere (no confidentiality).
- person-related data in the Internet is made available also to persons from countries in which data protection laws and regulations comparable to those of the European Union do not exist (no data protection).
- any kind of abuse cannot be prevented (no security).
- there is no guarantee that data which is further used by others is still up-to date (no guarantee of validity).
- data is not modified or forged for further use by others (no guarantee of authenticity).
- in case of scientific data (e.g. papers) there is practically no copyright protection whatsoever.
I am also aware that at any time I can partially or wholly withdraw my consent to the publication of data in the Internet by RC51, which has to be done in writing.

I confirm to have read, fully understood, and considered the previous statements and the Data Protection Regulation of RC51. With the present I declare that I shall strictly observe this declaration with regard to any data I may receive or did receive already on behalf of RC51, irrespective of my membership status. With the present I permit RC51 to publish my data in the Internet as indicated below.

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Name: ______________________________ Signature ________________________

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