Tentative Program

2nd International Conference on Sociocybernetics

Self-organization and Management of Complex Evolving Systems

Balneario de Panticosa,
June 25th - July 1st, 2000


... PER APRIL 13, 2000

Please note:

1. The following is an overview of abstracts and abridged papers submitted until April 13 for our Panticosa conference.

2. The names of authors whose proposals have already been accepted by the abstracts committee are boldfaced. Names in normal type either indicate that the proposal is being considered, or that the person concerned will after all participate without a paper.

3. Underlined author's names indicate the abridged paper was not yet received, and the proposal could therefore not yet be considered. The abstracts committee will judge the paper proposals on the basis of both abstract AND abridged paper, and will give a decision on acceptance of the proposed paper within some two weeks of receipt of the abridged paper. In view of your timely application for a travel grant, it is therefore in your own interest to send your abridged paper as soon as possible, now that the original deadline has expired.

4. Accepted proposals do not necessarily imply that the person concerned will actually participate. Especially in the case of our East-Eoropean and Russian colleagues this will depend to a large extent on their obtaining a travel grant - which is definitely not easy these days.

5. You will regularly receive an update of this still tentative program, the next one probably by early May.


1. Juan Miguel Aguado Terron: "The Making Of Social Subject: The Role Of Theory And Technology In Social Emergence."

2. Heinrich W. Ahlemeyer: will possibly participate without his planned paper: "Managing Knowledge Based Systems: The Case Of Professional Service Firms."

3. Frans Birrer: "Environmental Values, Subliminal Enticement, And Autopoietic Neurosis."

4. Nicolae Bulz: "'Nemesis' - Design For A Systemic And Non-Systemic Welfare; A Globalization And Sustainability Approach According With Alienation."

5. Mario Vieira de Carvalho: "Art as Autopoiesis? A critical approach starting from European avantgarde in the early 1950s."

6. James T. Corredine: "The Aggregate Female Fecundity Interval - The Biological Origin Of The Periodicity Of ÒLoschÓ Birth Waves."

7. Gyšrgy Darvas: "A Thermodynamic Model To Describe Integration Processes In Societal Systems"

8. Tessaleno Devezas: "Learning Dynamics Of Technological Progress."

9. Capitolina Diaz: "Conversational Heuristic As A Reflexive Method For Feminist Research."

10. Cor van Dijkum: "Sociocybernetics: Going Beyond the Logic of the Human Sciences."

11. Vladimir Dimitrov, Bob Hodge, Robert Woog: "The Danger Of System Thinking When Applied For Managing Social Complexity."

12. Julia V. Frolova & Larissa A. Pautova: "Strategies Of Adaptive Agents Behaviour: Using Of Sociocybernetics And Computer Simulation."

13. Felix Geyer: will participate in principle with paper, but have not even had the time to think about a subject.

14. Bob Hodge: "Mexico in cyber-space: Neural networks and a postmodern science of language and culture."

15. Bernd R. Hornung: "World, World System, And Globalization - Theoretical Problems In Luhmann's Theory Of Communication."

16. Bernd R. Hornung: "Minimal Conceptual Modelling (Mincomod) - From Theory Of Society To IT-Systems In Hospitals."

17. Arne Kjellman: "The Subject-Oriented Approach To Science And Some If Its Pedagogical And Ethical Consequences."

18. Victor V. Korobitsin: "Ethnos As Unit Of Society Model."

19. Lesley Kuhn: "A Role For Complexity Theory Within The Extraordinary Difficulty Of Staying Humble"

20. Alexander A. Laptev: "Modeling Of Social Processes."

21. Nils O. Larsson: "Various system levels need various scientific methods."

22. Richard E. Lee: "The Contradictory Effects Of A ÒGlobalizationÓ Perspective: Methods And Their Unanticipated Consequences."

23. Alessandra Lippucci: "The Effects Of Observation And Self-Observation On Social Scientific Thinking."

24. Marilena Lunca: "N-Valued Semantics For Undecided Agents."

25. Chaime Marcuello: "Global Governance for one Planet: Humanity as a Single Social System".

26. Fernando R. Contreras Medina: "Brief Notes For A Semiotic Paper About The Cyberculture."

27. Dario Menanteau: "Globalization And Development: Challenges And Opportunities For Sociocybernetics."

28. Vessela Misheva: "The Theory Of Autopoietic Systems And Globalization."

29. Pablo Navarro: "A Meta-Information Society? The Increasing Differentiation Between Information And Communication In The Digital Age."

30. Vladimir Navrotsky: "The Application Of General Systems Theory To Understanding Societal Change In Russia."

31. Otto Van Nieuwenhuijze: "'Sustainability': Control Politics In Disguise."

32. Mohamed Nemiche & Rafael Pla-Lopez: "A Model Of Dual Evolution Of Humanity."

33. John Raven: "The Development And Use Of Systems Diagrams To Improve Educational And Social Policy, With Particular Reference To Sustainability."

34. Stephen Schecter: "Globalization Is Not The Tyranny Of The Market."

35. Bernard Scott: "A Design For The Recursive Construction Of Learning Communities."

36. Karl-Heinz Simon: will participate without his originally planned paper: "Systems-theoretical foundations of scenarios of future development: BosselÕs Earth at a Crossroads"

37. Aleksandr P. Tishchenko & Vjacheslav E. Voitsekhovich: "The Condition Of Regular Bothway Movement 'Globalisation - Regularisation' As Necessary Condition Of Stable Development."

38. Dimitrios Tsagdis & Michael Schreiber: "Observing Self-Construction: Shadows Of Local, National, And International (Economic) Objects."

39. Henk J.L. Voets: " Systems Theory And Self-Organisation."

40. John Wood: "(Un)Managing The Butterfly: Ecology And The Grammar Of 'Self'."

Further possible participants:

41. Dmitriy Chistilin: "Problems of the self-organization in the transition economies."

42. Francisco Javier García Pérez: "Towards Rhetoric«s Methodological And Theoretical Revision in The Light Of Complexity."

by Felix Geyer, Honorary President

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