7th International Conference of Sociocybernetics

PAPERS - list available in alphabetical order.

Juan Miguel Aguado. Universidad de Murcia. Spain, jmaguado@um.es
Inmaculada J. Martínez. Universidad de Murcia. Spain, inmartin@um.es
Plácido Guardiola. Universidad de Murcia. Spain, pguardio@um.es
Time-Space Substitution and the Colonization of Alter/Ego Interpenetrations: The Role of Mobility and Personalization in the Management of Social Complexity through Cultural Consumption

José A. Amozurrutia, amoz@labcomplex.net
Torre II de Humanidades, Piso 6, Ciudad Universitaria, México D.F.
Expanding Buckley´s Adaptive Model as a Sociocybernetic Technology

Rolando Bernal- Pérez * rolando.bernal@catunesco.upc.edu
Dr. Martín García, Juan** jmarting@catunesco.upc.edu
Martín-Méndez, Angela**. angela.martin84@hotmail.com
Technology Substitution on a Limited Market, The Innovation Multiplying Factor and its Consequences. A System Dynamic Approach.

Eva Buchinger, eva.buchinger@arcs.ac.at
Innovation as a complex societal process: Functional systems, structural couplings and professional roles

Tom R. Burns, tomburns@stanford.edu and Nora Machado
Technology and Complexity: The Perspective of ASD on Complex Sociotechnical Systems, Uncertainty, and Risk

Giulia Caramaschi, g.caramaschi@soc.uniurb.it
Ethic Dimension of Technology. The case of technologies to prolong life

Antonio Caro Almela, antcaro@ono.com
Towards An Intro-Prospective Epistemology: A Methodological Proposal

Paula Andrea Cifuentes Ruiz, paula.cifuente@catunesco.upc.edu
Environmental Complex of the human settlement. Case study: The water basin San Luis (Colombia)

Fernando R. Contreras Medina, fmedina@us.es
With (t)acts in Net. Trust Fabrics, Biomesh and Psychic Technology
Con(t)actos en Red. Tejidos de Confianza, Biomallas y Tecnología Psíquica

Raul Espejo, respejo@syncho2.demon.co.uk
Reflections on Power, Democracy and Communications
Antonio Fernández Vicente, eresicton@yahoo.es
Commodification and the information age: technocapitalist system
Mercantilización y la era de la información: el sistema tecnocapitalista

Gafurov, Akmal Abbasovich, gafur@tkt.uz
Mathematic Model of Social Development

Luciano Gallón, l.gallon@ieee.org
Chain Knowledge-Invention-Technology-Wealth (Kitwe). A System Dynamics Basic Model

Dra. Leonarda García legarcia@pdi.ucam.edu,
Dra. Mercedes Carmona mcarmona@pdi.ucam.edu
The Evolution of the “Fourth World” in Spain (1997-2006): The consolidation of a regional digital gap

Felix Geyer, geyer@xs4all.nl
The War On Terror

Fabio Giglietto, fabio.giglietto@soc.uniurb.it
Social semantics 2.0

Andrés G. Seguel, agseguel@gmail.com
Complejidad social y experimentación con las TICS: socializaciones del código en la sociedad del conocimiento
Social complexity and experimentation with TICS: socializations of the code in the knowledge society

Jorge A. González, jorge@labcomplex.net
Grounding Cibercultur@: A critical review of non-systemic misconceptions on “information society” and other academic fashions.

Gutiérrez-Álvarez, F M, mauricio.gutierrez@ceipa.edu.co
The Society And Economy of the Communicative Knowledge by Means of Cybernetic Sociosystems

Bernd R. Hornung, hornung@med.uni-marburg.de
Science, Technology, and Innovation in Society

Eva Kasparova, kasparov@vse.cz
ICT utilisation in training and business practice

Arne Kjellman, kjellman@dsv.su.se
On Meaning and Architecture of Language.

Jan Klas, Tomás Sigmund, Václav Subrta,{klas, sigmund, subrta}@vse.cz,
Public realm crisis and contemporary organizations

Ana Carmen Laliena Sanz, analaliena@gmail.com
Foundation Ecology and Development: The practise of social managerial responsibility in Aragón

M. Lunca, m.lunca@planet.nl
The Universality of the Frame Problem

Alvaro Malaina, malaina@ehess.fr
Technology, science and complexity. A multidimensional approach from the “complex thought” of Edgar Morin

Margarita Maass, maass@labcomplex.net
The social memory construction on the technology. A sociocybernetic reflection

Chaime Marcuello Servós, chaime@unizar.es
Social Efficiency and Accountability in Non Profit Entities: A Case Study of Aragonese Social Entreprise

Dario Menanteau-Horta, dmenante@umn.edu
“Social Complexity, Technology and the Consequences of War”

Michael Paetau michael.paetau@iais.fraunhofer.de
Media-Technology and the Structural Change of Knowledge Societies

Jon Mujika Perea, xaltocan3@gmail.com
Assessment Of Regional Policies Of Solar Photovoltaic Energy
Evaluación de las políticas regionales de la energía solar fotovoltaica

Francisco Parra-Luna, parraluna@cps.ucm,vivianpa2000@yahoo.es
Is It Possible To Use Second-Order Cybernetics As A Techonological Device In Sociological Research?

Rafael Pla-Lopez, Rafael.Pla@uv.es
A Simulation Of The Duality North-South In Social Evolution_

Dr. Vojko POTOCAN, vojko.potocan@uni-mb.si, Dr Matjaz MULEJ, mulej@uni-mb.si
Socio-Cybernetics And Business Cybernetics As Approaches In Dealing With The Relation Between Technology And Social Complexity In Invention-Innovation Processes

Damijan Prosenak, MBA, damijan.prosenak@siol.net
Ddr. Matjaz Mulej, mulej@uni-mb.si
Application of Technology to Enhancing of (Co-)creative (Co-)operation and Socially Responsible Action of All in a Society

Dr. Suchismita RayPaul, rypauls25@yahoo.com
Technology And Social Complexity. Micro-Credit And Empowerment Of Women

Bernard Scott B.C.E.Scott@cranfield.ac.uk and Zach Johnson
Self and other steering within the dynamics of organisational change

Karl-Heinz Simon, simon@usf.uni-kassel.de
Gotthard Günther - Sociocybernetician?

Danie Strauss, dfms@cknet.co.za
The historical roots of the all-pervasive effect of the rise of modern technology on the complexity of Western societies

Igor Vrecko: igor.vrecko@uni-mb.si, Matja_ Mulej, mulej@uni-mb.si
Humans' capability of technological adaptations to the general technological progress of humankind

Héctor Zamorano, zamorano@citynet.net.ar
Technology and social complexity: Analyzing the step before


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