6th International Conference of Sociocybernetics

Maribor, Slovenia, July 5-11, 2005.




Session 1: Paths towards Sustainability
Chair: Scott Bernard (Cranfield University, Defence Academy, Shrivenham, UK)

  • 08:40–09:20: Menanteau Dario, From Innovation to Sociocybernetic Transformation: A Hopeful Road to Sustainable Social Development
  • 09:20–10:00: Nicolopoulos Philippos, The Large Scale Investments in Alternative Tourism and Sustainable Development: The Case of Crete and Arcadia
  • 10:30–11:15: Posch Alfred, Perl Elke, Sustainability Networks: An Innovative Concept for Interorganisational Cooperation
  • 11:15–12:00: Rohracher Harald, Sociotechnical System Transformation towards Sustainability as a Problem of Intermediation

Session 2: Communication and Innovation
Chair: Geyer Felix (Laren, The Netherlands)

  • 14:00–14:45: Nogales Emilio, The Mass Media System and the Analysis of an Educational Innovation
  • 14:45–15:30: Paetau Michael, Crossroads for Regimes of Knowledge: Universal Access and the Commons
  • 16:00–16:45 Risopoulos Fillippina, How can Communication Support Complex Problem Solving for Innovation?
  • 16:45–17:30: Laflamme Diane, Luhmann’s View of Meaning Production through Moralized Communication: Does it Allow for Moral Invention?


  • 09:00-11:00: WOSC Plenary – Speakers will include:
    • Representative of WOSC (Robert Vallée, _Brian Rudall, John Rose?)
    • Mulej Matjaz, Kajzer Stefan, Potocan Vojko, Rosi Bojan: Requisite Holism by Co-Operation of Systems Theories: An Invention or Innovation in Inquiry of Innovation
    • Lee Richard, The Contemporary Reordering of Social Knowledge: The Role of Systems Approaches and Complexity Studies

Session 3: Past and Future Developments of Sociocybernetics
Chair: Lee Richard E. (Fernand Braudel Center, SUNY-Binghamton,
Binghamton, NY, USA)

  • 11:30–12:15: Umpleby Stuart, A History of the Cybernetics Movement in the United States
  • 12:15–13:00: Geyer Felix, Reflections about the Future of Sociocybernetics

Session 4: Governance and Innovation
Chair: Menanteau Dario (Center for Rural Sociology, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA)

  • 14:30–15:15: Scott Bernard, Facilitating Organisational Change: Some Sociocybernetic Principles
  • 15:15–16:00: Buchinger Eva, Innovation Policy and its Media of Steering
  • 16:30–17:15: _varc Jadranka, Beãiç Emira, The Need for an Integrated Approach to the National Innovation System: The Case of Croatia
  • 17:15–18:00: Hornung Bernd, Steering and Control of Innovations in Complex Societies

THURSDAY JULY 7: Session 5: Entrepreneurship & Management
Chair: Mesjasz Czeslaw (Cracow University Of Economics, Kraków, Poland)

  • 08:30–09:15: Bhola H.S., Sociocybernetics of Innovation and Entrepreneurship to Reconstruct a Just and Moral Order
  • 09:15–10:00: Menanteau Alicia, Observations from the Field: Notes On Innovation and the Application of Scientific Research Methods in Advertising and Marketing Research
  • 10:30–11:15: Stingl Alexandra, Grillitsch Waltraud, Neumann Robert, Innovative Project Management through the Use of Knowledge Management Techniques”
  • 11:15–12:00: Treven Sonja, Mulej Matjaz, Stress Management in Work Settings of an Innovative Society by Systems Theory / Thinking

Session 6: Methodological Problems in Social Sciences/ Sociocybernetics
Chair: Buchinger Eva (ARC Systems Research, Seibersdorf, Austria)

  • 14:00–14:45: Dijkum Cor, Innovation of Methods of Research in the Social Sciences
  • 14:45–15:30: Lunca Marilena, The Quantum Observer: The Insider, the Outsider, and the Scientifically Equipped
  • 16:00–16:45 Mesjasz Czeslaw, Do We Know What We Do Not Know? Main Weakness of the Discourse on Management of ‘Complex Learning Organization’
  • 16:45–17:30: Simon Karl-Heinz, Seeds of Change: Some Aspects of Scenario Building and Modeling

FRIDAY JULY 8: Session 7: Technology and Innovation
Chair: Simon Karl-Heinz (Center for Environmental Systems Research (CESR), University of Kassel, Kassel, Germany)

  • 08:30–09:15: Giglietto Fabio, Technological Innovation and Social Systems
  • 09:15–10:00: Jonas Michael, Regional Cluster Building Processes and the Emergence of Patterns of Action
  • 10:30–11:15: Klein Louis, Social Innovation and Kulturtechnikfolgenabschätzung
  • 11:15–12:00: Zamorano Hector, The Impact of Technoscience on Culture and Social Knowledge

Session 8: The Role of Psychology, Personality, and Collectivities in Innovation
Chair: Laflamme Diane (Outremont, Québec, Canada)

  • 14:00–14:45: Balgiu Beatrice, A Psychological View of the Inventor’s Personality
  • 14:45–15:30: Bockstaele Jacques Bockstaele Maria, Godard-Plasman Martine, Pecout Marie-Noelle, Innovation and “Imagination-Cooptation”
  • 16:00–18:00 Business Meeting: Agenda will be available in Maribor
    Chair: Hornung Bernd


Session 9: Theoretical Considerations
Chair: Van Dijkum Cor (Department of Methodology and Statistics, Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands)

  • 08:30–09:15: Kirvelis Dobilas, Beitas Kastytis, Evaluation and Prognosis of Human Society Development as Extension of Biosystems Evolution: Theoretical Biosystemic View
  • 09:15–10:00: Löckenhoff Hellmut, Innovation for Societal Evolution: A Transdisciplinary Approach to Guided Change
  • 10:30–11:15: Marcuello Chaime, Innovation and Social Capital: Theoretical Foundations for an Empirical Analysis
  • 11:15–12:00: Pintos Juan-Luis, The Communication of Innovations: The Weakness of the Universalization of Concepts and the Strength of the Construction of Realities by Social Imaginary

Session 10: Prospectives For Innovation
Chair: Marcuello Chaime (Dpto. Sociologia, Universidad De Zaragoza, Spain)

  • 14:00–14:45: Gutierrez Mauricio, Sociocybernetics and Innovation: Methodological Elements for a Theoretic Application
  • 14:45–15:30: Rosick_ Antonin, Two Human Faces: Observer and Designer
  • 16:00–16:45: Steiner Gerald, The Planetary Model as a Framework for Organizing Innovation (With an Application In Industrial Design)

Session 11 Panel

  • 16:45–18:00: Systems Science and Innovation in Global Society
    Chair: Bernd R. Hornung (President of RC51, Member of the ISA Executive Committee)

SUNDAY JULY 10: Choice of two excursions :

1. Starting at 09.00, a short sightseeing of the medieval maribor, then by bus along the river drava to the starting point of a medieval timber-floating kind of boat, two hours including warm food and funny timber-floating program, then bus from Maribor to the roman town of Pptuj (poetovio), its museum collection in the old castle, followed by wine tasting; return to maribor at about 20.00.

2. Starting at 07.30 toward Prekmurje, the flat Panonian area (via wine hills area) of Slovenia next to Hungarian border, seeing pilgrim church, ancient farmers home as a living museum with many events all year round, early lunch, one can also shop honey, pumpkin oil, etc, the production of which will be demonstrated. Then more local handicraft and beautiful small churches by famous masters, then the energy-laden area of Bukovnik lake followed by a typical local dinner on a tourist farm with vineyards around, including a folklore program and dancing music afterwards. Return to Maribor at about 22.30.

Both excursions cost about 40 Euros and will include a luncheon.

Participants are strongly advised to book one of these (or perhaps also some other) tours immediately upon arrival, since places are limited, and tours have to be arranged according to the number of persons interested.


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