Leon, Guajanuato, Mexico, June 24 – July 1, 2001


The following schedule will in principle be the same every day:

- 08.00-0945: Breakfast
- 09.45: The University bus will bring us to the University
- 10.00-12.30: Morning session, with coffee break (11.00-11.30)
- 12.30-14.00: Luncheon, available free of charge in the university
- 14.00-17.30: Afternoon session, with tea and coffee break (16.00-16.30 )
- 17.45: The university bus will bring us back to the hotel
- 18.00- 21.00: Participants are free to refresh and have dinner in one of the many restaurants in town (on Monday get-acquainted dinner, and on Friday farewell dinner, both at 19.00)
- 21.00-23.00: Evening sessions (Tuesday through Thursday) will be held in a special session room in the hotel.


Arrival in Real de Minas Express Hotel, Blvd. Adolfo López Mateos 1902 Ote., Col. El Mirador, C.P. 37500, León, Gto., México. Phone: (4)710-00-05, Fax: (4)771-00-90. Call free: (01-800) 470-4500.


10.00-10.30: Welcome speeches by RC51 president Bernd Hornung, Mr. Sebastián Serra Martinez, Dean of the Universidad Iberoamericana, and Mr. Arturo Mora Alba, Academic Director

10.30-11.00: Sesión Inagural (Inaugural Address) by Richard E. Lee, Secretary RC51

11.30-12.30: Morning session (chair: Bernd Hornung):
Short (3-minute!), informal presentation by each participant of their research interests and how their paper fits into these interests

14.00-17.30: Afternoon session (chair: Chaime Marcuello):
Vessela Misheva The world of the ICT-user
Michael Paetau Sustainability Networks and the Emergence of Knowledge
Dario Menanteau The Possible Worlds of Hispanics in the United States Issues of System’s
Acceptance and Exclusion

19.00 onward: Evening dinner with all participants:
Get acquainted dinner for all participants, in a separate dining room in restaurant "Platino" especially reserved for our group. This restaurant is recommended by our Mexican organizers, and situated in the penthouse of a new building, with at night a full view of the city.


10.00-12.30: Morning session (chair: Felix Geyer):
Chaime Marcuello Evaluating the Social Efficiency of Non Profit Organizations: Towards a Sociocybernetic Model of Social Audit
Richard Lee Cases of Classes, Instances of Processes: On Methodological Individualism, Systems and Historical Social Science.

14.00-16.00: Afternoon session (chair: Bernard Scott), followed by the usual tea break:
Czeslaw Mesjasz Images of Organisation and Development of the Information Society: Moving into Metaphors
Kenneth D. Bailey Insiders versus Outsiders: An Application of the Dichotomy Theory of Niklas Luhmann

21.00-23.00: Evening session: Business meeting (chair: Bernard Hornung)
Agenda will follow. Important points will be our membership drive, the Journal of Sociocybernetics, and the preparations for our sessions in at the World Congress of Sociology in Brisbane, July 8-13, 2002.


10.00-12.30: Morning session (chair: Richard Lee):
Bernd Hornung Towards a sociology of process and information
Arne Kjellman Sociocybernetics - the path to a science of becoming?

14.00-17.30: Afternoon session (chair: Vessela Misheva):
Felix Geyer The March of Selfreference
Bernard Scott Learning Environments for Learning Communities: A Report on the University for the Highlands and Islands Project
Evelyne Andreewsky Complex collective responses as specular phenomena
and Geneviève Kouby

21.00-23.00: Evening session: The subject-oriented approach to knowledge (chair: Richard Lee)
An in-depth group discussion, moderated by Arne Kjellman


10.00-12.30: Morning session (chair: Bernard Scott)
Diane Laflamme The capacity to distinguish distinctions according to Niklas Luhmann
José Luis Piñuel and Autopoiesis and Communication
José I. García Lomas

14.00-17.30: Afternoon session (chair: Vessela Misheva):
Klaus Anders Sex as indicator in the observation of social phenomena. Observation - Report - Influence
Mike Byron Designing Simulations
Imtiaz Hussain Morgue, Museum, Or Mainstream Society? Indigenous Groups And Exit Options Under Democracy

21.00-23.00: Evening session: Democratization and Globalization (chair: Felix Geyer)
Assuming that the subject of the relationship between democratization and globalization will stimulate a sufficient amount of interest, a discussion about possible cooperation with Imtiaz Hussain of the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City and member of the DEMOGLO (Democratization and Globalization group) will be held.


10.00-12.30: Morning session (chair: Chaime Marcuello):
Dolores G. de Landa The New Community, New Order, New Civilization
Alejandro Guzmán Work Team Management. The Challenge of an Endless Race in Organization Development

14.00-18.00: Afternoon session (chair: Dario Menanteau):
Ricardo Mansilla Corona Algorithmic Complexity in Real Financial Markets
Juan Soto Ramírez The cognitive complexity a reflection center for the social psychology
Jesus Galindo Ecologies and information and communication systems--Configurations, paths, situational matrixes and possibility contexts: The social investigation event.

17.30-18.00 Farewell speech by prof. Héctor Gómez Vargas, and summary of the conference by RC51 President Bernd Hornung.

19.00 onward Farewell dinner for all participants. We will take here the advice of the organizers: "The international Mexican restaurant in question is named "Andrea", located in one of Leon's best zones. It's very nice and elegant, it's located inside of a restored Hacienda and it looks nice at night. About the menu there's lamb, poultry, pork, pastas, salads, soups among other things. They have both national and international wines, excellent desserts and the service is the best there can be."

SATURDAY, June 30:
Excursion to San Miguel de Allende, free of charge, and offered by the University, with the exception of food and drinks. Times to be announced.

SUNDAY, JULY 1: Departure.