Our May 26-31,
Conference in KOLIMBARI,

"Sociocybernetic Bridges
between the Past, Present and Future:
Problems of Emergence and Complexity in Sustainable Systems"


Table of Contents

1. Theme and dates:

The annual meeting of RC51 will be held at the convent of the Orthodox Academy of Crete in Kolimbari Chanion (see site), May 26-May 31.

The theme is: "Sociocybernetic Bridges between the Past, Present and Future: Problems of Emergence and Complexity in Sustainable Systems". In principle, the conference is open to all RC51 members, subject to approval of their abstracts and abridged papers (see below), which obviously should deal with the conference theme. If you happen to read this on our website, are not an RC51 member, but would like to participate and present a paper, you can sign up for RC51 membership free of charge, also at our website, by filling out a membership form plus questionnaire and returning it to RC51 secretary Richard Lee, rlee@binghamton.edu.


2. Abstracts and abridged papers:

1. If you are interested to participate in this conference, your 250-word abstract AND 1000-word abridged paper should reach us by MARCH 1 AT THE LATEST, and as much earlier as you can. Only in exceptional cases exemptions from this deadline can be granted by Richard Lee.

2. Your abstract will be reproduced in an abstract booklet to be handed out during the conference. Your abridged paper will be judged by our abstracts committee, consisting of 11 board members, and will form the basis for acceptance of your paper proposal. Therefore, the earlier you send both, the earlier the abstracts committee can let you know whether your paper is accepted, and if so: for full presentation, or as a contributed paper only - hopefully within some two weeks. Please note that only a 250-word abstract is not enough: the abstracts committee definitely needs your abridged paper.

3. Your abstracts and abridged papers should be sent (by email, NOT by fax or snailmail!) to our secretary, Richard Lee, rlee@binghamton.edu, with copy to Felix Geyer (geyer@xs4all.nl). Richard Lee will then take care of distribution to the members of the abstracts committee. For your information, its members are: Mike Byron, Tessaleno Devezas, Bernd Hornung, Richard Lee, Paul Maiteny, Vessela Misheva, Philip Nicolopoulos, Francisco Parra-Luna, Bernard Scott, Mike Terpstra, and myself.

4. It is obviously impossible at this stage to have a precise schedule for our conference. However, with presently 35 RC51 members plus an as yet unknown number of Greek participants interested to come, the intention is to give all accepted papers about 30 minutes for presentation plus 15 minutes for discussion, and if possible to also give limited time to the contributed papers: 10 minutes for presentation, and 5 minutes for discussion. This is only an indication, has not been decided yet, and obviously depends on the number of persons definitively participating.


3. Reservations and prices:

The price for a single room is $80 per day, with three meals plus refreshments included.included; a double room is $60 per person, also with three meals plus refreshments included. Payment is extremely simple: you can pay on the spot on arrival, either cash or travelers cheques, though credit cards cannot be accepted. There is no need for any pre-payment as far as the convent is concerned. However, in return for this extremely lenient and unusual treatment, we definitely do expect you to come once you have committed yourself - which is only possible if and when your paper proposal has been accepted. Reservations will be made by RC51 in that case.

Please note in this respect that the convent has only 30 rooms, a few of them double ones. They will be allotted according to a combination of the two following criteria:
1. First come, first served - i.e. we need to know that you are definitively coming, not that you are in principle interested to come, or that it still depends on your obtaining a travel grant;
2. preference will be given to those with accepted papers over those with contributed papers.

PLEASE NOTE: If rooms at the convent are not available anymore, you will be informed as soon as possible. In that case, accomodation is available in relatively nearby hotels, though probably at somewhat higher prices than the $80 per single room or $60 per person per double room (including all meals and refreshments) which the convent asks for, and of course with added transportation costs. You will then have to make your own arrangements with these hotels through your travel agency.


4. Some information about the environment:

Kolimbari is a small Cretan town close to the sea in Western Crete (prefecture of Chania). The convent is built just at the rocky coast of a peninsula and has a long history as a religious center. The building in which the meeting will be held is located in the modern part of the whole convent complex. It is a building with all the facilities for modern congresses. The Orthodox Academy of Crete is internationally famous as a place for scientific congresses and meetings. The town of Chania is the capital of the prefecture, and has a long tradition of political and miltary great families in the island. Chania was the private home of the greatest politician in Greece in the 19th century, Eleftherios Venizelos.

Crete is a beautiful island with high mountains, excellent beaches, and stunning gorges. One can call it the "California of Greece" because of its climate and morphology. In Crete one can still find traditional villages and many archeological sites bcause of its long history. Hopefully, for many participants the conference will be the begining of more frequent contacts with the island.


5.Travel arrangements and how to get there:

You should make your own travel arrangements, and should note that on most types of tickets you can fly 15% of the distance at no extra cost. Especially if you come from afar, this might enable you to obtain a roundtrip Athens-Chania for free or for a very reduced price. If you are not pressed for time, by far the cheapest and very enjoyable way to get to Crete is of course by boat from Piraeus, the harbor of Athens.

The distance between Chania and Kolimbari is 28 km.; from the airport to Chania is appr. 10 km. One can take a taxi for $20-25. There is also a bus line from Chania to Kolimbari with tickets for about $5; in this case, you should take a taxi from the airport to the Chania bus terminal ($7) and from Kolimbari to the convent ($2). The itinerary for the airport to the convent is interesting and passes through many touristic Cretan villages near to the beach, including Maleme, famous from World War II.


6.Excursion to Knossos and Festos on last day of conference:

During the last day of the conference, May 31, an excursion will be organized in order to visit the famous archeological sites of Knossos and Festos. Knossos and Festos were the most important economic and cultural centers of the ancient Minoan civilization (2500-1400 B.C.). In both sites are ruins of ancient famous palaces. One can visit both places iin one day if one starts the excursion early morning (7 a.m.). The cost for such an excursion will be about $50 per person, guide included.


7. Formal invitations and letters of recommendation:

If so desired, Richard Lee can send formal invitations and/or letters of recommendation at your request, but only AFTER receipt and approval by the abstracts committee of both your abstract and abridged paper. Therefore, the sooner you send your abstract and abridged paper, the sooner this can eventually be done, and the sooner also your booking for the convent can be made definitive.

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