4th International Conference of Sociocybernetics
- Society from Ancient Greece to Cyberspace and Beyond -

Corfu, Greece, June 30-July 5, 2003

PARTICIPANTS, TITLES and some papers...
[by alphabetical order]

1. JUAN MIGUEL AGUADO - The technological mediation of experience: a systemic approach to media and contemporary culture

2. JOSÉ A. AMOZURRUTIA - A computer model for Luhmann`s key concepts.

3. KLAUS E. ANDERS - Autopoietic Systems in the Family

4. KENNETH D. BAILEY - Insider Coding: Congruence in the Theories of Luhmann and Miller

5. SØREN BRIER - The Lomborg case viewed in the light of Luhmann’s theory of the generalized media and the Agora concept

6. HANNA BROBERG, ALEXANDRA PETRAKOU, PENG ZHANG & PÉTER RÉVAY -A Systematic Approach To Activity Theory In Practice

7. EVA BUCHINGER - Innovation Policy as a Governance Problem: Systemic and Cybernetic Principles

8. ARNE COLLEN - In and about conversation with sociocybernetics and related points of view.

9. COR VAN DIJKUM - What is Sociocybernetics? Empirical Research as a Bridge between Sociocybernetic Practice and Sociocybernetic Theory

10. FELIX GEYER – "Continental Drift" The Causes And Potential Consequences Of American Unilateralism

11. EMILIO GONZÁLEZ-DÍAZ - Paradox, Time and De-Paradoxicalization in Luhmann: No Easy Way Out.

12. GUOHUA, BAI - Globalization through Feedback of Social Activities

13. BERND R. HORNUNG - Constructing Sociology From First Order Cybernetics - Basic Concepts for Analyzing Information Society -

14. CECILE LAFONTAINE - Cybernetics and Human Science: Towards the Origins of Informational Representation of the Subject

15. CHAIME MARCUELLO SERVÓS - Understanding Sociocybernetics and its usefulness in applied social research: Social audit, transparence and accountability.

16. TATIANA A. MEDVEDEVA & STUART A. UMPLEBY - Adding A Dimension to the Philosophy of Science with an Illustration from Economics

17. DARIO MENANTEAU-HORTA AND ALICIA MENANTEAU-FELLING.- Exploring Linkages between Sociocybernetics and Social Development Imperatives

18. CZESLAW MESJASZ - Reflexivity: The Main Challenge of Management Theory and Practice in Information Society

19. MATJAZ MULEJ, ZDENKA ZENKO, Z. and VOJKO POTOCAN - Sociocybernetics, what do we think it is?

20. EMILIO NOGALES - Extending Luhmann´s theory of social systems to real problems in education. The time dimension in functional system of education.

21. JOHAN H.L. OUD -Continuous Time Modelling Of The Cross-Lagged Panel Design

22. YURI M. PISMAK - Modeling of Social Behavior by Methods of Theoretical Physics

23. ANTONÍN ROSICK and EVA KASPAROVÁ - Nature of Social System: Emergence from Individuals Interaction

24. BERNARD SCOTT - Second Order Cybernetics: A Historical Introduction

25. KARL-HEINZ SIMON - Some Early Contributions to Sociocybernetics - Sorokin as an Example?

26. MARTINE TIMSIT, DANIÈLE BOURCIER, and EVELYNE ANDREEWSKY - From hierarchy to autonomy: Democratization through communication - The case of specialized languages in Industry, Medicine and Law

27. STUART A. UMPLEBY - Evaluating Theories of the Growth of Knowledge: An Empirical Study of the Philosophy of Science

28. HÉCTOR ZAMORANO - Simulation Models for the Knowledge Management and its Measurement in not Remunerative Institutions and Govermental Departments

29. JOHANNES VAN DER ZOUWEN AND JOHANNES H. SMIT - Control Processes In Survey Interviews: A Cybernetic Approach

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