Board 2006-2010

13) The board of the RC is responsible for the overall organizational and scientific production of the RC, and shall consist of: - a president; - a secretary; - a treasurer; - one to three vice-presidents; - a past president; - a minimum of four and a maximum of ten members, the exact number to be determined before the elections by the outgoing board, and each having a clearly described function.

14) The board shall contain no more than three members of the same country, while an effort shall be made to ensure a fair regional as well as disciplinary and gender representation. 15) The board may establish committees for specific purposes, and for a specified and limited duration, that will remain accountable to the board.



Bernard Scott, Cranfield University, Wilts, UK


Eva Buchinger, ARC system research GmbH, Austria


Bernd R. Hornung, University of Marburg, Germany,

Honorary President

Felix Geyer, The Netherlands


Chaime Marcuello, Zaragoza University, Spain


Diane Laflamme, Canada

Journal editor

Karl-Heinz Simon, University of Kassel, Germany

Newsletter editor

Cor van Dijkum, Utrecht University, Netherlands

Website Editor

Barry Gibson, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom

Scientific Relations

Vessela Misheva, Uppsala University, Sweden

Research promotion

Michael Paetau,Fraunhofer AIS, Germany

Young Scientists Promotion

Dario Menanteau, University of Minnesota,St. Paul, USA

Journal editor (CHK)

Søren Brier, Copenhagen Business School, Dept. for Management, Politics and  Philosophy, Philosophy Unit, Frediksberg, Denmark.

Organizer 2007 Conference

Juan M. Aguado, Murcia University, Spain

Organizer 2008 Conference

Margarita Mass, LabCOMplex, UNAM, México.

Organizer 2009 Conference

Fabio Giglietto,


RC51 World Congress Programme Co-Ordinator

Margarita Mass,

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