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Introduction: A Journal for Sociocybernetics

The Journal of Sociocybernetics is the official organ of the Research Committee on Sociocybernetics, RC51, of the International Sociological Association. The intellectual heritage of Sociocybernetics dates back to the rise of a whole array of new developments in scientific inquiry beginning in the 1940's. These included the most important direct progenitors, General Systems Theory (GST) and Cybernetics. GST is holisitc in theory and method and this reflects the general failure of mechanisic approaches for the study of social phenomena. Sharing the holistic disposition of GST, cybernetics derives its name from the Greek word for steersman, and "socio" clearly relates to human reality. One might then assume that sociocybernetics pertains to the steering of societies. And indeed it does, to some extent, although without the notion that societies can be piloted in a hierarchical, top-down way.

It is in the context of this rich history that the Research Committee on Sociocybernetics launches the Journal of Sociocybernetics. The appearance of this journal constitutes an open invitation to what has become a highly ecumenical community. Indeed, the Journal of Sociocybernetics welcomes submissions from all scholars engaged in a common quest to explain and understand social reality holistically and self-reflexively without forsaking a concern for human values.






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