ADD2016, the 3rd edition of the School and Conference on Analysis of Diffraction Data in real-space

Dear Colleague,

We are pleased to announce ADD2016, the 3rd edition of the School and Conference on Analysis of Diffraction Data in real-space:


co-organized by the Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL) and the European Synchrotron (ESRF), and taking place:

7 to 11 March 2016

at the European Photon and Neutron (EPN) campus in Grenoble, France.

Building on the positive experience of ADD2011 (12-14 October 2011) and ADD2013 (18-22 March 2013), the 4-day programme of ADD2016 offers a 2-day School followed by a 2-day Conference, basically the same format as ADD2013.

The ADD2016 School and Conference aim to deepen the understanding and to further the training of the various communities working on real-space data analysis for neutron and x-ray diffraction techniques.  Fourier transformation of diffraction data into real-space, traditionally used for the structural determination of liquids and glasses, is now increasingly employed f or partially-disordered crystalline powder samples.

The scientific scope of ADD2016 will also include single-crystal diffuse scattering, for which the School proposes a 5th hands-on tutorial for training in using the YELL software, in addition to the hands-on tutorials for DISCUS, PDFGUI, RMCprofile and EPSR that were offered for ADD2013. As opposed to ADD2013, each tutorial for ADD2016 will take place twice, so that students can participate in two different tutorials.

Real-space analysis of total-scattering data or "PDF-analysis" provides a snapshot of the local structural disorder within the sample, which is complementary to the space-time averaged structure provided by the well-known Rietveld refinement of diffraction data.  PDF-analysis now enjoys a wide field of application, in particular to nano-structured materials.

More detailed information, including on-line registration an! d a preliminary programme, can be found on the webpage link given above. Note that registration is already open, and that the deadline for
abstract submission is 21 January 2016.

Looking forward to seeing you in Grenoble,

The organizers:
Michela Brunelli (SNBL/ESRF)
Gabriel Cuello (ILL)
Henry Fischer (ILL)
Gavin Vaughan (ESRF)

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