Students will enrol via Internet. It is very important to read all of the instructions provided before enrolling.

Where can you self-enrol?

a) From any point with an Internet connection.

All students may self enrol, except in some very specific situations such as for students with combined studies, validations, academic file transfers, etc.

The University of Zaragoza provides a telephone number for enquiries and a URL for direct assistance via chat to resolve any problems immediately.

b) In the computer halls of the University Centres, where you will find personnel from the Secretary’s Office and scholarship holders to help you with all your enquiries. In this case, you must wait to enrol on the day and time stated for your prior appointment.

To self-enrol, you MUST have available the personal passwords you received previously by e-mail. If you did not receive them, (degrees without 2nd phase pre-registration, transfers, incidents, etc.) first contact the Secretary’s Office of the centre where you are enrolled. You must also meet the requirements contained on the self-enrolment information webpage.

On the University Website you will find the programmes of the courses so you can choose those that most interest you.

Prior appointment

You will receive it at home, informing about the day and hour to go to the university to enrol. You will also receive this information at the e-mail address you gave to the university.

+ info: (see 'Matrícula y normativa')