Students should apply to have their studies recognised as equivalent, enrol for the entrance examination for admission to a course of university studies (when the studies taken have been recognised as equivalent to a Baccalaureate diploma) and apply for admission to a course of university studies.

1) Validation of non-university studies
2) Entrance Examination for admission to a course of University Studies
3) Entrance Examinations for admission to the University of Zaragoza


1) Validation of non-university studies

Validation of their studies may be sought by those Spanish or foreign students who have undertaken studies or obtained an official or officially recognised certificate or diploma from an educational system abroad, including those that have studied at educational centres duly authorised to offer classes in Spain in accordance with the educational systems of other countries.

These diplomas or studies should be official and issued by the competent authority, in accordance with the laws of the relevant country.

They should be submitted legalised through diplomatic channels or, where appropriate, by means of the apostille of The Hague Convention. This requirement will not be necessary for documents issued in Member States of the European Union or signatories to the European Economic Area agreement by the competent authorities of such States.

Information points

In Zaragoza:

- Oficina del Área de Alta Inspección de Educación, located on the premises of the Subdelegation of the Government in Zaragoza (Subdelegación del Gobierno de Zaragoza), in the Plaza de Nuestra Señora del Pilar, s/n. Tel.: (+34) 976 999 002 Fax: (+34) 976 999 026


- Education and Science Councils pertaining to the Spanish Embassy.

- Consular Offices of the Spanish Embassy in the relevant country.


2) Entrance Examination for admission to a course of University Studies

Foreign students who wish to commence their university studies in Spain will be required to take an entrance examination for admission to a course of university studies, with the exception of those who have had their foreign qualifications validated by the Spanish authorities for Vocational Training (Higher Vocational Training), who may enrol at university for certain courses of study.

Who can apply

Those students who have had, or are in the process of having, their studies abroad recognised as equivalent to the Spanish Baccalaureate.

Taking the Entrance Examination

At the National University of Distance Education
(Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia – UNED)

Information and Enquiries


3) Admission to university courses

The dates usually fall between the end of June and the beginning of July (1st phase) and the middle of September (2nd phase) only if places are still available at the end of the allocation procedure of the 1st phase.

The website contains all the information required to submit an application to commence studies leading to a bachelor's degree or to a masters'degree at the University of Zaragoza.