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Publications: 2012
  1. Moreno, I., Navascues, N., Irusta, S., Santamaría, J.Silver nanowires/polycarbonate composites for conductive films.(2012) IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, 40 (1), art. no. 012001, .
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  3. Gomez, L., Arruebo, M., Sebastian, V., Gutierrez, L., Santamaria, J.Facile synthesis of SiO 2-Au nanoshells in a three-stage microfluidic system. (2012) Journal of Materials Chemistry, 22 (40), pp. 21420-21425. 
  4. Martínez, G., Malumbres, A., Mallada, R., Hueso, J.L., Irusta, S., Bomatí-Miguel, O., Santamaría, J.Use of a polyol liquid collection medium to obtain ultrasmall magnetic nanoparticles by laser pyrolysis (2012) Nanotechnology, 23 (42), art. no. 425605,
  5. Carmona, D., Lalueza, P., Balas, F., Arruebo, M., Santamaría, J. Mesoporous silica loaded with peracetic acid and silver nanoparticles as a dual-effect, highly efficient bactericidal agent. (2012) Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 161, pp. 84-90
  6. Urbiztondo, M.A., Peralta, A., Pellejero, I., Sesé, J., Pina, M.P., Dufour, I., Santamaría, J. Detection of organic vapours with Si cantilevers coated with inorganic (zeolites) or organic (polymer) layers. (2012) Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical, 171-172, pp. 822-831.
  7. Lalueza, P., Carmona, D., Monzón, M., Arruebo, M., Santamaría, J. Strong bactericidal synergy between peracetic acid and silver-exchanged zeolites. (2012) Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 156, pp. 171-175
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  9. Pellejero, I., Agustí, J., Urbiztondo, M.A., Sesé, J., Pina, M.P., Santamaría, J., Abadal, G. Nanoporous silicalite-only cantilevers as micromechanical sensors: Fabrication, resonance response and VOCs sensing performance. (2012) Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical, 168, pp. 74-82.
  10. Roca, A.G., Carmona, D., Miguel-Sancho, N., Bomatí-Miguel, O., Balas, F., Piquer, C., Santamaría, J. Surface functionalization for tailoring the aggregation and magnetic behaviour of silica-coated iron oxide nanostructures. (2012) Nanotechnology, 23 (15), art. no. 155603,
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  13. Eguizábal, A., J.lemus, Roda, V., Urbiztondo, M., Barreras, F., Pina, M.P. Nanostructured electrolyte membranes based on zeotypes, protic ionic liquids and porous PBI membranes: Preparation, characterization and MEA testing (2012) International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 37 (8), pp. 7221-7234.
  14. Marin I, Adrover E, Vega D, Urbiztondo M, Pina M.P, Mallada R, Santamaría J. Fast microwave synthesis of Pt-MFI zeolite coatings on silicon micromonoliths: application to VOC catalytic combustion. Green Processing and Synthesis. Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages 169–174, ISSN (Online) 2191-9550, ISSN (Print) 2191-9542, DOI: 10.1515/gps-2012-0006, April 2012



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