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Publications: 2006
“The use of post-synthetic treatments to improve the pervaporation performance of mordenite membranes”, Navajas, A., Mallada, R., Téllez, C., Coronas, J., Menéndez, M., Santamaría, J., J. Membr. Sci. 270, 32-41, (2006).
“The 'PROCESO' index: a new methodology for the evaluation of operational safety in the chemical industry”, Maroño, M., Peña, J.A., Santamaria, J., Reliability Engineering & System Safety 91, 349-361, (2006).
“A review and an overview of own work on fuel processing for fuel cells”, Hessel, V.; Kolb, G.; Cominos, V.; Löwe, H.; Nikolaidis, G.; Zapf, R.; Ziogas, A.; Schouten, J.C.; Delsman, E.R.; De Croon, M.H.J.M.; Santamaria, J.; De la Iglesia, O.; Mallada, R., Oil Gas Eur. Mag., 32, 83-93, (2006).
“Preparation of inner-side tubular zeolite Na-A membranes in a semi-continuous synthesis system” Pera-Titus, M., Mallada, R., Llorens, J., Cunill, F., Santamaría, J., J. Membr. Sci., 278, 401-9, (2006).
“Development of magnetic nanostructured silica-based materials as possible vectors for drug-delivery applications” Arruebo, M, Galán, M., Navascués, N., Téllez, C.,  Marquina, C., Ibarra, M.R.,  Santamaría, J., Chem. Mater. 18, 1911-19, (2006).
“Development of QCM sensors modified by AlPO4-18 films”, Vilaseca, M., Yagüe, C., Coronas, J., Santamaría, J., Sensors and Actuators B, 117, 143-50, (2006).
“Exploring chemical composition effects on umbite structure and gas separation properties using atomistic simulations”, ”, Navascues, N., Skouras, E.D., Nilolakis, V., burganos, V.N., Tellez, C., Coronas, J., Santamaria, J., Desalination199, 368-70, (2006).
“Synthesis and characterization of MCM-48 tubular membranes”, De la Iglesia, O., Pedernera, M., Mallada, R., Lin, Z., Rocha, J., Coronas, J. Santamaría, J., J. Membr. Sci., 280, 867-75, (2006).
“Highly magnetic silica-coated iron nanoparticles prepared by the arc-discharge method”, Fernández-Pacheco, R., Arruebo, M., Marquina, C., Arbiol, J., Ibarra, M.R., Santamaria, J., Nanotechnology 17, 1188-92, (2006).
“Preparation and characterization of two-layered mordenite-ZSM-5 bi-functional membranes” De la Iglesia, O.; Irusta, S.;  Mallada, R.; Menéndez, M.; Coronas, J.; Santamaría, J., Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 93, 318-24, (2006).
“Synthesis, characterization and separation properties of Sn- and Ti-umbite membranes” Sebastián, S.,  Lin, Z., Rocha, J., Téllez, C., Santamaría, J., Coronas, J., Chem. Mater. 18, 2472-79, (2006).
“Evaluation of optical and dielectrical properties of zeolites”, Urbitzondo, M., Irusta, S.; Mallada, R.; Pina, M.P.; Santamaria, J., Desalination 200, 601-603, (2006).  
“Sustained release of doxorubicin from zeolite-magnetite nanocomposites prepared by mechanical activation”, Arruebo, M., Fernández-Pacheco, R., Irusta, S., Arbiol, J., Ibarra, M.R., Santamaria, J., Nanotechnology, 17, 4057-4064, (2006).
Ana M. Tarditi, Silvia Irusta, E. A. Lombardo. “The synthesis of composite MFI membranes for the selective separation of  p-xylene”. Chemical Engineering Journal. 122 (2006) 167-174.

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