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Publications: 2005
“On the use of fluidized bed catalytic reactors where reduction and oxidation zones are present simultaneously”, -Review PAPER, Herguido, J., Menéndez, M., Santamaría, J., Catal. Today, 100, 181-189, (2005).
“Preparation of zeolite NaA membranes on the inner side of tubular supports by means of a controlled seeding technique”, Pera-Titus, M., Llorens, J., Cunill, F., Mallada, R., Santamaría, J., Catal. Today 104, 281-87, (2005).
“Regeneration of coked catalysts in a polytropic reactor”, Finol, C., Menéndez, M., Santamaría, J., Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 44, 5373-79, (2005).
“Preparation of silicalite membranes on stainless steel grid supports”, López, F., Bernal, M.P., Mallada, R., Coronas, J., Santamaría J., Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 44, 7629-32, (2005).
“Use of zeolite membrane reactors for the combustion of VOCs present in air at low concentrations”, Aguado, S., Coronas, J. Santamaría, J., Chem. Eng. Res. Des. 83, 295-301, (2005).
“A new titanosilicate umbite membrane for the separation of H2”, Sebastián, S.,  Lin, Z., Rocha, J., Téllez, C., Santamaría, J., Coronas, J., Chem. Comm., 3036-37, (2005).
“Preparation of titanosilicate ETS-10 and vanadosilicate AM-6 membranes”, Tiscornia, I., Lin, Z., Rocha, J., Téllez, C., Coronas, J., Santamaría, J., Stud. Surf. Sci. Catal.158, 423-430, (2005).
S. Irusta, , J.Múnera, C. Carrara,  E.A. Lombardo, L.M. Cornaglia : “A Novel Catalyst Improves  Hydrogen Production in a Membrane Reactor” Applied Catal. A: 287, 2, 147-158 (2005).
D. Yepes, L.M. Cornaglia ,S. Irusta,  E.A. Lombardo: “Different oxides used as diffusion barriers in composite  hydrogen  permeable membranes ” Journal of Membrane Science, 274, 1-2, 92-101 (2006).

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