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Welcome to the Nanostructured Films and Particles (NFP) Groupsite.

The NFP Group was created in 2007 by researchers from different backgrounds, with the aim of concentrating efforts in the development and application of nanostructured materials, with an emphasis on nanoparticles, nanoporous interfaces and hybrid systems. The NFP Group belongs to the Nanoscience Institute of Aragon (INA), a multidisciplinary institute where researcher backgrounds include Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Medicine and Biochemistry. At the INA and beyond we find numerous opportunities for lateral thinking and scientific collaboration. 

In our group research areas we use nanostructured materials as: i) individual nanoparticles, ii) surface coatings and iii) nano-fillers.

We are interested in developing methods that allow us to obtain a good control of size, shape and surface characteristics in nanomaterials synthesis, and also in methods that facilitate the assembly of these nanomaterials as part of structures that are useful on a variety of scenarios. One example is the use of nanoporous films to boost the selectivity of chemical sensors; another involves nanoporous coatings to increase interphase contact area in structured microreactors. We are also interested in the design of nanomaterials for specific interactions with radiation. Applications include near-infrared hyperthermia as well as catalysts that are especially sensitive to microwave heating.
 An important effort is also directed towards nanostructured materials in medical applications to provide controlled drug release or enhanced image (nano-diagnosis) features. In other scenarios, nanostructured fillers provide outstanding (mechanical, magnetic, bactericidal…) properties to polymer-based nanocomposites. Finally, we are also concerned with nano-safety aspects, and we actively investigate the safe handling of nanomaterials.

Please browse our website for a more in-depth view of our research. If any of the above subjects inspires you, do not hesitate to contact us. We are always looking for new, highly motivated Ph.D. students, and also for new scientific collaborations with other research groups across the world. Welcome to our group.

J. Santamaría


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