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Polymer based Nanocomposites
Nanocomposites are novel materials with drastically improved properties due to the incorporation of small amounts (less than 10 wt%) of nano-sized fillers into a polymer matrix. These nanofillers can dramatically modify the mechanical, thermal and other properties (e.g. flame resistance, barrier properties, electric conductivity) of polymers.


Our work involves the synthesis of nanomaterials with tailored properties, or, alternatively, the modification of natural/commercial nanofillers in view of the desired end application. We study the polymer-nanoparticles interaction in order to improve the dispersion of nanomaterials (metal and ceramic nanoparticles, ceramic nanotubes) and ultimately have a better control on the properties of the nanocomposite. This generally involves optimization of materials preparation methods and/or functionalization of their surfaces. We are also investigating the use of nano- and microcapsules in polymers as chemical-eluting agents.Our research also involves polymer electrospun fibers for membrane and biomedical applications.   Examples of our materials:
Electric properties
Antistatic transparent films

Bactericidal properties
Ag/Chitosan films  

Core-shell fibers loaded with Ibuprofen and hydroxyapatite