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Thursday - August 31, 2006


Friday - September 1, 2006
  Fundamentals on Magnetism I F. Palacio (ICMA)
  Fundamentals on Magnetism II F. Palacio (ICMA)
  Tutorial on magnetism F. Palacio (ICMA)
  Fundamentals on nuclear neutron scattering J. Bartolome (ICMA)
  Single crystal neutron diffraction L. Falvello (ICMA)


Saturday - September 2, 2006
  Fundamentals on magnetic neutron scattering and Magnetic structures J. Campo (ICMA)
  Irreducible Representations J. Schweizer (CEA)
  Student  presentations
  Practical session on single crystal techniques L Falvello and Garry McIntyre (ILL)


Sunday - September 3, 2006
  Neutron Laue Diffraction Garry McIntyre (ILL)
  Polarized Neutron Difraction Beatrice Gillon (LLB)
  ab initio methods and spin densities Javier Luzon (ICMA)
  Practical session on Neutron Laue Diffraction Garry McIntyre and C. Gonzalez
  Practical session Polarized Neutron Diffraction B. Gillon & J. Schweizer & J. Luzon


Monday - September 4, 2006


Tuesday - September 5, 2006
  Fundamentals on Inelastic Neutron scattering (INS) Miguel Gonzalez (ICMA-ILL)
  ToF and HR inelastic neutron techniques: examples Miguel Gonzalez (ICMA-ILL)
  Students presentations
  Practical session on TOF and HR INS M. Gonzalez y J. Campo


Wednesday - September 6, 2006
  Neutron Powder Diffraction: Nuclear phases M.T. Fernandez Diaz (ILL)
  Neutron Powder Diffraction: magnetic phases J. Rodriguez Carvajal (ILL)
  Tutorial session: software in PD J. Gonzalez Platas (ULL)
  Students presentations
  Practical session on powder diffraction M.T. Fernandez & J. Rodriguez Carvajal & J. Gonzalez Platas
  School Dinner



Thursday - September 7, 2006
  Fundamentals on SANS A Heinneman (HMI)
  Fundamentals on SANS-POL A Heinneman (HMI)
  Fundamentals on Continuous vs Pulse Sources Joel Mesot (ETH Zurich / PSI )
  SANS in pulsed sources Richard Heenan (ISIS)
  Practical session on SANS A. Heinneman and R. Heenan


Friday - September 8, 2006
  Single crystal neutron diffraction on pulsed sources

Larry Falvello (ICMA)

  Powder Neutron Diffraction on pulsed sources Laurent Chapon (ISIS)
  Developments using polarised neutrons in TOF single crystal diffraction C. Hoffmann
  Student presentations  
  Practical session on diffraction on pulsed sources Laurent Chapon & L. Falvello & C. Hoffmann


Saturday - September 9, 2006
  Fundamentals on muons techniques Francis Pratt (ISIS)
  Fundamentals on Neutron Reflectivity H. Lauter (ILL)
  Magnetic surfaces studied with Neutron Reflectivity V. Lauter (ILL)
  Student presentations  
  Practical session on neutron reflectivity H. Lauter and V. Lauter (ILL)
  Practical session on muons techniques F. Pratt (ISIS)
  Closing sesion



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