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Magnetism is one of the most potent forces in nature.  It is also one of the most vital in everyday life, underpinning technology from electric motors to computer memories.  Now European research into novel magnetic materials is taking a big step forward as fifteen groups of chemists and physicists across the entire continent combine their efforts.


Called a Network of centres of Excellence (NoE) by the European Commission, which is providing 10.7M€ of funding from its Sixth Framework Programme, MAGMANet (Molecular Approach to Nanomagnets and Multifunctional Materials), is coordinated by the Italian INSTM and started in 2005.  MAGMANet will focus on new kinds of magnets made, not from metals like iron or cobalt or oxides like ferrites, but ones built up from individual molecules by chemists.


Bringing molecular chemistry to bear on this field, up till now the preserve of physics and materials science, means that we can imagine magnets that can be dissolved or coated like paint; ones made from clusters of atoms so small that information could be stored in them at densities many orders of magnitude higher than at present, or ones whose colour changes when they are magnetised, permitting new kinds of displays.


Ultimately the aim of the Network is to create a virtual ‘European Institute of Molecular Magnetism’, within which students and young researchers can move seamlessly between the centres best equipped to serve their needs, to the benefit both of basic understanding and practical outcome from this exciting new field.

Visitors are invited to use the magnetic modelling program <sm|ms>.

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EIMM is a joint initiative stemming from the European Network of Excellence MAGMANet. The institute aims to become a centre of excellence in Europe for research and training as well as a world leading reference in the area of Molecular Magnetism.

Invitation to 5th International Symposium on Molecular Materials: Electronics, Photonics and Spintronics in Rennes (10.09.2009)
You are cordially invited to participate in the 5th International Symposium on Molecular Materials: Electronics, Photonics and Spintronics which will be held in Rennes from October 28th to October ...more

Openings: 14 Ph.D positions and 5 Post Doc positions (08.09.2009)
We are currently aiming to recruit a pool of talented, energetic, strongly motivated, young scientists at both the Early Stage Researcher (ESR, i.e. pre-doctorate) and Experienced Researcher (ER, i.e. ...more

SUPERIOR website
Pr. Paolo Samorì

5th International Symposium on Molecular Materials (31.08.2009)
The 5th International Symposium on Molecular Materials: Electronics, Photonics and Spintronics which will be held in Rennes from October 28th to October 31th 2009 and/or in the 3rd International ...more
Andrea Caneschi 

Paul Langevin Prize awarded to Prof. Azzedine Bousseksou (30.06.2009)
The French Academie des Sciences has awarded the 2009 Paul Langevin Prize to Prof. Azzedine Bousseksou, Research Director of the CNRS Laboratory for Coordination Chemistry at Toulouse, France. ...more
Andrea Caneschi 

Tris of publications on the “Nature’s family members” by MAGMANet Nodes. (29.05.2009)
Great successes of the NoE research: 3 papers in the period comprised between February and March 2009 appeared on Nature, Nature Materials and Nature Nanotechnology reporting research at the ...more
Andrea Caneschi 

European Conference on Molecular Magnetism ECMM in Wroclaw (29.05.2009)
This Conference on Molecular Magnetism is planed as the main European forum for presentation and discussion of research results in all aspects related to molecular magnetsim. ...more
Andrea Caneschi 
Conference website

The 2nd European School on Molecular Nanoscience will be held in Benidorm, Spain, October 25th - 30th , 2009. See more details at: ...more
Francisco Escrig 
ICMOL website

Government of the Valencia Region awarded MAGMANet project as best European project (06.05.2009)
The government of the Valencia Region, Spain, (Generalidad valenciana), has awarded the MAGMANet project as the best European project" of all the ones involving the Comunitad Valenciana. ...more


New Publication on Solid State Sciences (03.06.2008)
The International Journal of Inorganic Materials published a special issue on Solid State Sciences. ...more
Andrea Caneschi 

MAGMANet project AWARDED as the best European project (13.11.2008)
The government of the Valencia Region, Spain, (Generalidad valenciana), has awarded the MAGMANet project as the best European project" of all the ones involving the Comunitad Valenciana. ...more
Andrea Caneschi 

Important notices
30.06.2009 Contact
Satellite Meeting on Magnetic Anisotropy
The European Congress on Molecular Magnetism 2009 will be held in Wroclaw (Poland) between the 4th and the 7th of October 2009. See website and PDF file for more details.  All communications will be through the following e-mail address:

Details (2 MB)
12.06.2008 Emma Lythgoe
3-4 September 2008 Hotel Abba, Huesca, Spain. The meeting will be organised in three successive sessions: 1. Towards devices: Contributions showing the state-of-the art of (prospects of) suitable applications of molecular nanomagnets. 2. Assembling of molecular nanomagnets. 3. Addressing of molecular nanomagnets. For further information please see the documents attached: Please do contact Fernando Luis or Emma Lythgoe at if you would like to attend or present a poster.

Registration form (68 KB)

Agenda (105 KB)
03.06.2008 Andrea Caneschi
New article on "Quantum phase transition in a single-molecule quantum dot" in "nature" magazine (Vol. 453, 29 may 2008)
Authors: Nicolas Roch, Serge Florens, Vincent Bouchiat, Wolfgang Wernsdorfer & Franck Balestro

14.05.2008 Paco Escrig i Escrig
Mössbauer Spectroscopy Course: Principles and Applications of Mössbauer Spectroscopy
The course will be taught by Prof. Philipp Gütlich and Dr. Vadim Ksenofontov from Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz (Germany)

08.05.2008 Andrea Caneschi
Celebrating the 70th Birthday of Professor Peter Day
Inorganic and Hybrid Materials Chemistry - Celebrating the 70th Birthday of Professor Peter Day FRS Department of Chemistry, University College London, 15th & 16th July 2008

Flyer (51 KB)
16.04.2008 Marco Affronte
Photografic exhibition in Paris
The photografic exhibition "Blow-up: images from the nanoworld", a unique collection of real pictures of nano-objects, is in Paris at Réfectoire des Cordeliers from April 10 to May 10th, 2008. This initiative of UPMC and CNR-INFM is supported by Magment within WP14. For more information please visit the UPMC website:

Event poster (410 KB)
03.03.2008 Prof. Marco Affronte
JEMS - Joint European Magnetic Symposia - September 14 - 19, 2008, Dublin, Ireland
The Joint European Magnetic Symposium is the largest and most comprehensive Magnetsim Conference in Europe. Held bi-annually, JEMS brings together two important meeting, EMMA (European Magnetic Materials and Applications) and MRM (Magnetic Recording Materials). JEMS'08 in Dublin will be the fourth in the series, following Grenoble 2001, Dresden 2004 and San Sebastian 2006.

See details on website:

Poster containing details on event (1 MB)
24.10.2007 Prof. Jaume Veciana
PhD and Postdoc stays in October 2007
See enclosed documents for details.

PhD stays October 2007 (30 KB)

Postdoc stays October 2007 (29 KB)
02.08.2007 Dr. Stefano Vannuzzi
17th of September: Governing Board Meeting in Rome
the 17th of September the Governing Board Meeting will take place in Rome in the HILTON GARDEN INN ROME AIRPORT premises. The location has been chosen for its vicinity to the Fiumicino airport In the morning the meeting will be joined with the EIMM Implementation Council meeting for the approval of the Milestone for the 2nd year and the approval and signature of the Letter of Commitment. The meeting will begin at noon and will last approximately until 8:00 p.m.. See the tentative agenda enclosed:

31.07.2007 Prof. Jaume Veciana
11th International Conference on Molecule-based Magnets, Florence from 21st to 24th September 2008
The International Conference on Molecule Based Magnets is the biennial event aimed to gather all the researchers active in the interdisciplinary and growing field of "Molecular Magnetism". Started at the end of the '80s Molecular Magnetism has the goal to design, to synthesize and to investigate the properties of tailor made materials based on individual magnetic building blocks formed by organic molecules, organometallic molecules or coordination complexes. Further information can be found at the congress website

First Announcement (200 kb, PDF) (198 KB)
31.07.2007 Emma Lythgoe
Register for the Second Technology Transfer Workshop
On behalf of the ISG Chairman Pietro Perlo (Centro Ricerche Fiat) it is our pleasure to invite you to attend the ISG Technology Transfer Meeting. As shown in the attached preliminary agenda, the meeting aims to inform industrial professionals actively seeking ground breaking technology of the current advances within the MAGMANet NE. There are a series of presentations planned, focussed on the areas of investigations within MAGMANet, which can provide solutions and address unmet needs for industry. The Second Industrial Transfer Workshop will be held in Rome at the Hilton Garden Inn Rome Airport on the 18th of September 2007 at 10h00.

Agenda (56 kb, DOC) (56 KB)

Invitation (144 kb, DOC) (142 KB)

Registration form (56 kb, DOC) (54 KB)
28.03.2007 Fernando Palacio Parada
Last minute registration for the third ISG meeting in Madrid!
On behalf of the Chairman it is our pleasure to invite you to attend the Third Industrial Support Group Meeting. The Third Industrial Support Group Meeting will be held at the Hotel Tryp Alameda Aeropuerto, Barajas, Madrid , Spain on the 29th of March 2007 at 10h00.

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Basic information (58 KB)
Posters concerning "Spreading the Knowledge" activity released now!
Please find an english and a polish version in ppt-format enclosed.

English Version (2 MB)

Polish Version (2 MB)
New compilation of original Peter Day articles on Materials Chemistry available

Key Features:
- A unique compilation of original articles not found elsewhere
- Topics are chosen to illustrate how understanding of structures and properties evolved
- Each distinct topic is prefaced by an introduction, describing the state of current knowledge

Contents: Inorganic and Metal-Organic Charge Transfer Spectra; Metal Complexes in Solids: Cooperative Optical Effects; Mixed Valence Compounds; Transparent Ferromagnets: Structures and Optical Properties; Molecule-Based Magnets; Molecular Metals and Superconductors.

See PDF enclosed for more details and order form.

Ph-D and Post-doc positions available in Strasbourg
Node and location: CNRS Est, IPCMS Strasbourg, France Period: Possible start immediately, for 1 year renewable 1 year


Post-Doctoral position (m/f) available

Deadline for submission of application : 02/03/07
Position opening : 1/03/07

Post-doc SOLEIL is an optimized 2.75 GeV synchrotron light source of 3rd generation under construction 25 km south of Paris. The first 10 beamlines, several of which using new concepts of undulator sources, are planned to be opened to users in 2006. A total of 24 beamlines covering the whole energy range from IR to hard X-rays and providing a complete panel of synchrotron radiation based outstanding experimental tools for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Earth and Environmental Sciences, will be operational in 2010.

Click here for more information

First circular of the 7th International Symposium on Crystalline Organic Metals, Superconductors And Ferromagnets in Peniscola, Spain
The meeting will be held in the Congress Palace of Peñíscola (Spain). Participants are expected to arrive on the afternoon or evening of Monday, September 24th. A Welcome Reception is planned for September 24th evening at the Papa Luna Hotel. The Scientific Program will start on Tuesday, September 25th morning and it will end on the evening of Saturday, September 29th, just before the official Banquet of the conference. The number of participants will be limited to ca. 250.

For further information please visit...

International Conference - XVth Winter School on Coordination Chemistry
Organizer: Jerzy Mroziñski (UNIWROC) Venue: Karpacz, Poland Date: 4. - 8. december 2006 Visit Website for further information!

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