IGEX-DM - Results

IGEX-DM spectra
Low energy spectra obtained with 236 kg d of exposure (IGEX-DM 2000) in the old set-up and with 80 kg d of exposure (IGEX-DM 2001) in the new set-up.

IGEX-DM exclusions
Exclusion plot (in the parametric space: WIMP-nucleon cross section versus WIMP mass) for spin independent interactions at 95% C.L. derived from Mt=236 kg.day (IGEX-DM 2000) and 80 kg.day (IGEX-DM 2001) of analyzed data. The 3s-allowed region of the DAMA annual modulation experiment (green region) is also shown. The improvement of the IGEX-DM background allow us to begin to explore the DAMA region.