Kripton - Results

Coincidence spectrum IC / 2photons
Coincidence spectrum between the IC signal and two 511 keV gammas in the scintillators (within an energy window of 2.35s) registered in 4434.5 h.

Half-life limits obtained:
T1/2 (ECb+) 0n > 5.1 x 1021 y (68% C.L.)
T1/2 (ECb+) 2n > 1.1 x 1020 y (68% C.L.)

No coincidences of four 511 keV gammas, independently of the IC signal, were observed. The inclusive half-life limit obtained for the double beta decay process was:
T1/2 (b+b+) 2n + 0n > 2.0 x 1021 y (68% C.L.)