Academic Calendar

University Entrance Exams for Enrolment 2013/14 Academic year

Student from High School Degree, European Union Systems, etc.
Students that gain access due to being over 25 or 45
June exam period
11th to 13th June 2013

Over 25

8th-9th March 2013

September exam period
10th to 12th September 2013
Over 45
8th March 2013


Pre-enrolment and Registration for the 2013/14 academic year

20th June to 8th July 2013
Only students in first year (except Doctorate students)
9th to 23th September 2013
Only students in first year
18th July to 25th July 2013
Students in first year
2nd September 2013 to 7th October 2013
Rest of students in graduate level an master
October 2013

Additional information


Class 2013/14 academic year

Duration of the academic year: 16/09/2013 to 14/09/2014
Approved by the Governing Council on 29/04/2013

Class schedules
First semester courses Second semester courses

16/09/2013 to 15/01/2013

03/02/2014 to 28/05/2014

The directorates of the Departments, Deans Offices and Institutions shall ensure compliance with the minimum number of class hours set forth in the study programmes for each discipline.

General academic vacations
Easter Week Summer
23/12/2013 to 07/01/2014
14/04/2014 to 21/04/2014 14/07/2014 to

*   No classes will be held on the Patron Saint’s Day of each university institution.

*  Ordinary meetings of university governing bodies or other committees may not be held on non-class days, nor may they coincide with election periods in the university community and, except during the month of July, doctoral theses may not be defended.

*  For purposes exclusive to the reading of doctoral theses and the hearing of extraordinary exam review tribunals, the dates 14th to 25th of July will be considered academic.


Exams and filing of mark 2013/14 academic year

*   The Centres will adapt the exam dates of each course to the periods indicated in the following annex.

Date limit for the mark delivery
16/01/2014 to 04/02/2014
28/05/2014 to 28/06/2014
01/09/2014 to 13/09/2014