Commission on the History of Mathematics

World Directory of Historians of Mathematics Registration Form

You can register for the world directory of historians of mathematics by filling out this form. You can submit the form by clicking the button at the end. You will receive a code for confirmation at the email address you indicated in the form. At the same time a new screen will open which asks for this code to complete registration. Once you enter the code and send this second screen, registration will be completed. You can change or update your entry using this code.

We ask you to fill out one primary and one secondary interest in history of mathematics, and also one primary and one secondary interest in mathematics. Forms which do not include this information can no longer be processed. We also ask you to indicate your country of residence (even if you live in the United States) and to give your telephone number, together with the country code. Entries without mail addresses will be automatically deleted from the system.

If you are unable complete registration online, please print the registration form and mail or fax to:

Elena Ausejo
Facultad de Ciencias (Matemáticas)
Ciudad Universitaria
50009 Zaragoza, Spain
FAX: +34-976761125

If you registered at an early stage and did not receive a code, you can change your registration by emailing:
ichs @

Thank you!