Universidad de Zaragoza     Sem. Mat. G. Galdeano
Seminario Matemático ``García de Galdeano''

Lista de Pre-publicaciones. Año 2008

  1. C. Sangüesa ``Uniform error bounds in continuous approximations of nonnegative random variables using Laplace Transforms"

  2.  F.J. Gaspar, J.L. Gracia, F.J. Lisbona ``Fourier analysis for multigrid methods on triangular grids''

  3.  J.L. Ojeda, J.A. Cristóbal, J.T. Alcalá  ``A comparison of two bootstrap schemes on goodness of fit tests in presence of selection bias''

  4. J.L. Ojeda ``Hölder continuity properties of the local polynomial estimator''

  5. J.A. Adell, H. Alzer ``Inequalities for the median of the Gamma distribution''

  6. J.A. Adell, H. Alzer ``On a function studied by Ramanujan and connected with discrete mixtures of Gamma densities''

  7. A. Elipe, V. Lanchares ``Exact solution of a triaxial gyrostat with one rotor''

  8. I. Alberto, P.M. Mateo ``Using Pareto Optimality for Defining the Mutation Operator Step Size''

  9. F. Jiménez, P. Jodrá  ``A note on the moments and computer generation of the shifted Gompertz distribution''

  10. D. Beltita, J.E. Galé  ``On complex infinite-dimensional Grassmann manifolds''

  11. M. Arribas, A. Elipe, M. Palacios  ``Linear stability of ring systems with generalized central forces''

  12. J. Martín, A. Oller  ``On the varieties of representations and characters of a family of one-relator groups. Their irreducible components''

  13. J.A. Adell  ``Edgeworth expansions for subordinators via differential calculus for linear operators''

  14. J.A. Adell, J.M. Anoz, A. Lekuona  ``Exact values and sharp estimates for the total variation distance between binomial and Poisson distributions''

  15. D. Beltita, J.E. Galé  ``Holomorphic Geometric Models for Representations of C*-Algebras''

  16. F.J. Gaspar, J.L. Gracia, F.J. Lisbona, C.Rodrigo ``On geometric multigrid methods for triangular grids using three-coarsening strategy''

  17. F.J. Gaspar, J.L. Gracia, F.J. Lisbona, C.Rodrigo ``Geometric multigrid methods for non-rectangular grids''

  18. J.M. Muñoz, J. Otal, N.A. Turbaj ``Groups with Chernikov conjugacy classes in which Sylow permutability is a transitive relation''

  19. C. Clavero, J.L. Gracia, F.J. Lisbona ``High Order Schemes for Reaction-Diffusion Singularly Perturbed Systems''

  20. C. Clavero, J.L. Gracia, F.J. Lisbona ``An almost second order uniformly convergent method for parabolic singularly perturbed reaction-diffusion systems''