Universidad de Zaragoza     Sem. Mat. G. Galdeano
Seminario Matemático ``García de Galdeano''

Lista de Pre-publicaciones. Año 2006

  1. A. Elduque ``Some new simple modular Lie superalgebras''

  2. M. Arribas, A. Elipe, T.J. Kalvouridi  ``Dynamical properties of the restricted four-body problem with radiation pressure''

  3. N. Boal, V. Domínguez, F.J. Sayas  ``Asymptotic properties of some triangulations of the sphere''

  4. V. Cortés, J.M. Peña  ``Growth factor and expected growth factor of some pivoting strategies''

  5. A. Elduque, A. Labra  ``On the classification of commutative right-nilalgebras of dimension at most four''

  6. J.M. Muñoz, J. Otal, N.N. Semko  ``Periodic Linear Groups with the Weak Chain on Subgroups of Infinite Central Dimension''

  7. J.A. Adell, A. Lekuona  ``Berry-Esseen Bounds for Standardized Subordinators via Moduli of Smoothness''

  8. J.A. Adell, A. Lekuona  ``Every Random Variable Satisfies a Certain Nontrivial Integrability Condition''

  9. J.A. Adell  ``A differential calculus for linear operators represented by stochastic processes''

  10. E.A. Gallardo, M.J. González, A. Nicolau ``Composition operators on Hardy spaces on Lavrentiev domains''

  11. A. Elduque  ``The S4-action on the tetrahedron algebra''

  12. J.E. Galé, P.J. Miana   ``One-parameter groups of regular quasimultipliers''

  13. J.E. Galé, P.J. Miana   ``H Functional Calculus and Mikhilin-Type Multiplier Conditions''

  14. C.C. Cowen, E.A. Gallardo ``A new class of operators and a description of adjoints of composition operators''

  15. M. Arribas, A. Elipe, M. Palacios  ``Quaternions and the rotation of a rigid body''

  16. J.E. Galé, A.R. Villena   ``Semisimple Banach algebras generated by compact groups of operators on a Banach space''

  17. I. Cunha, A. Elduque ``An extended Freudenthal magic square in characterestic 3''

  18. E. Artal, J.I. Cogolludo, H. Tokunaga  ``A survey on Zariski pairs''

  19. E.A. Gallardo ``Composition operators on Bergman spaces on Lavrentiev domains''

  20. A. Elduque, J. Laliena, S. Sacristán  ``Maximal subalgebras of Jordan superalgebras''

  21. J.M. Carnicer, C. Godés  ``Generalized principal lattices and cubic pencils''

  22. J.A. Adell, P. Jodrá   ``On a Ramanujan’s equation connected with the median of the Gamma distribution''

  23. A. Elduque ``Symplectic and orthogonal triple systems, and a Freudenthal magic supersquare''

  24. I. Cunha, A. Elduque ``The extended Freudenthal magic square and Jordan algebras''

  25. V. Domínguez, F.J. Sayas  ``A simple Matlab implementation of the Argyris element''

  26.  C. Clavero, J.L. Gracia, F. Lisbona  ``Time dependent singularly perturbed coupled reaction-diffusion systems: a high accurate uniformly convergent method"

  27. C. Sangüesa  ``Error bounds in approximations of random sums using gamma-type operators"

  28. J.M. Carnicer, C. Godés  ``Geometric Characterization of Configurations with Defect Three''

  29. J.M. Carnicer, E. Mainar, J.M. Peña  ``Optimal bases of spaces with trigonometric functions''

  30. J.M. Carnicer, M. Gasca  ``Cubic pencils of lines and bivariate interpolation''

  31. J.M. Carnicer, T.N.T. Goodman, J.M. Peña  ``Roundoff errors of the evaluation of Lagrange formulae''

  32. F.J. Sayas  ``Direct boundary element method with discretization of all integral operators''

  33. P. Duren, E.A. Gallardo, A. Montes ``Payley-Wiener theorem for Bergman spaces with application to invariant subspaces''