Universidad de Zaragoza     Sem. Mat. G. Galdeano
Seminario Matemático ``García de Galdeano''

Lista de Pre-publicaciones. Año 2005

  1. M. Arribas, F. Blesa, A. Elipe ``Quadratic Hamiltonians on nonsymmetric Poisson structures''

  2. J. Bernués, M. López-Valdés ``Tail Estimates and a Random Embedding of lpn into lr(1+ε)n , 0 < r < p < 2''

  3. J. Bernués, J. Bastero, M. Romance ``Dual quermassintegrals, extremal positions and isotropic measures''

  4. J.L. Gracia, C. Clavero ``A compact finite difference scheme for 2D reaction-diffusion singularly perturbed problems''

  5. J.A. Adell, P. Jodrá ``On the complete monotonicity of a Ramanujan sequence connected with en''

  6. A. Elduque ``New simple Lie superalgebras in characteristic 3''

  7. R. Broucke, A. Elipe ``The Dynamics of Orbits in a Potential Field of a Solid Circular Ring''

  8. A. Elipe, T. López-Moratalla ``On the Liapunov Stability of Stationary Points Around a Central Body''

  9. B. Bujanda, C. Clavero, J.L. Gracia, J.C. Jorge ``A high order uniformly convergent alternating direction scheme for time dependent reaction-diffusion singularly perturbed problems''

  10. M.L. Rapún F.J. Sayas ``A mixed-FEM and BEM coupling for the approximation of the scattering of thermal waves in locally non-homogeneous media''

  11. J.E. Galé ``A notion of analytic generator for groups of unbounded operators''

  12. J.I. Cogolludo, V. Florens ``Twisted Alexander Polynomials of Plane Algebraic Curves''

  13. M.Á. Marco ``Resonance varieties, admissible line combinatorics and combinatorial pencils''

  14. J.E. Galé ``Some applications of fractional calculus to operator semigroups and functional calculus''

  15. J.E. Galé ``The Hadamard Fractional Power in Mikhlin-Besov Inclusions''

  16. M.P. Alfaro, M. Bello, J.M. Montaner``Asymptotic behaviour of Verblunsky coefficients''

  17. L. Kurdachenko, J. Otal, I.Ya. Subbotin``Abnormal, pronormal contranormal and Carter subgroups in some infinite groups''

  18. E.A. Gallardo, M. J. González ``Hausdorff measures, capacities and compact composition operator''

  19. E. Artal, I. Luengo, A. Melle ``Superisolated surface singularities''

  20. L. Kurdachenko, J.M. Muñoz, J. Otal ``Antifinitary linear groups''

  21. A. Elduque, J. Laliena, S. Sacristán  ``The Kac Jordan Superalgebra: Automorphisms and Maximal Subalgebras''

  22. C. Sangüesa  ``Approximations of ruin probabilities in mixed Poisson models with lattice claim amounts''

  23. J. Carnicer, C. Godés  ``Geometric characterization and generalized principal lattices''

  24. J. Carnicer, M. Gasca, T. Sauer  ``Interpolation lattices in several variables''

  25.  J.L. Gracia, F.J. Lisbona  ``A uniformly convergent scheme for a system of reaction-diffusion equations''

  26.  M.L. Rapún, F.J. Sayas  ``Mixed boundary integral methods for Helmmholtz transmission problems''

  27.   N. Boal, F.J. Sayas ``Some properties of the posynomial model''

  28. J.A. Adell, A. Lekuona  ``The Simplest Example of a Normal Asymptotic Expansion''

  29. J.L. Ojeda, J.A. Cristóbal,  J.T. Alcalá ``A bootstrap approach to goodness of fit for linear models under length-biased data''

  30. M. Alfaro, R. Álvarez-Nodarse ``A characterization of the classical orthogonal discrete and q-polynomials''

  31. J.E. Galé, P.J. Miana, A. Peña ``Hermite matrix-valued functions associated to matrix differential equations''

  32. V. Domínguez, F.J. Sayas  ``A BEM-FEM overlapping algorithm for the Stokes equation''

  33.  J. Bastero,  J. Bernués, M. Romance ``From John to Gauss-John positions via dual mixed volumes''

  34.  J. Bastero,  J. Bernués ``Asymptotic behavior of averages of k-dimensional marginals of measures on Rn''

  35. A. Elduque ``A Lie grading which is not a semigroup grading''