Universidad de Zaragoza     Sem. Mat. G. Galdeano
Seminario Matemático ``García de Galdeano''

Lista de Pre-publicaciones. Año 2004

  1. P. Benito, A. Elduque, F. Martín-Herce ``Non Associative Systems and Irreducible Homogeneous Spaces''

  2. D.K. Dimitrov, J.M.l Peña ``Almost strict total positivity, strong Turán inequalities and a class of Hurwitz polynomials''

  3. S. Meddahi, F.J. Sayas ``Analysis of a new BEM-FEM coupling for two dimensional fluid-solid interaction''

  4. M. Alfaro, F. Marcellán, A. Peña, M.L. Rezola ``On rational transformations of linear functionals: Direct problem''

  5. H.I. Calvete, C. Galé ``Note on Optimality conditions for linear fractional bilevel programs''

  6. A. Elipe, M. Lara ``A Simple Model for the Chaotic Motion Around (433) Eros''

  7. E. Artal, J. Carmona, J.I. Cogolludo, M.A. Marco ``Invariants of Combinatorial Line Arrangements and Rybnikov s Example''

  8. M. Alfaro, M.J. Cantero, L. Moral, L. Velázquez ``Hermitian modifications of Toeplitz linear functionals and orthogonal polynomials''

  9. A. Elduque, N, Kamiya, S, Okubo ``(-1,-1) balanced Freudenthal Kantor triple systems and noncommutative Jordan algebras''

  10. A. Elduque ``A new look at Freudenthal's magic square''

  11. L.A. Kurdachenko, J. Otal, I.Ya. Subbotin ``A note on pronormal and abnormal subgroups of some infinite groups''

  12. J.A. Adell, C. Sangüesa ``A probabilistic approach to divided difference expansions''

  13. M.L. Rapún, F.J. Sayas ``Boundary integral approximation of a heat-diffusion problem in time-harmonic regime''

  14. T. Hohage, F.J. Sayas ``Numerical solution of a heat diffusion problem by boundary element methods using the Laplace transform''

  15. E.A. Gallardo, J.R. Partington ``Supercyclic vectors and the angle criterion''

  16. A. Elduque ``On Freudenthal s magic square and models of the exceptional Lie algebras''

  17. V. Domínguez, M.L. Rapún, F.J. Sayas, ``Dirac delta methods for Helmholtz transmission problems''

  18. J.M. Peña, ``Exclusion and inclusion for the real eigenvalues of positive matrices''

  19. S. Breiter, A. Elipe, I. Wytrzyszczak, ``Periodic orbits close to 1:1:1 resonance in spheroidal galaxies''

  20. M. Fernández, V. Muñoz, L. Ugarte, ``Weakly Lefschetz symplectic manifolds''

  21. L. Ugarte, ``Hermitian structures on six dimensional nilmanifolds''

  22. E. Artal, J.I. Cogolludo, H. Tokunaga ``Nodal degeneration of plane curves and Galois covers''

  23. L.A. Kurdachenko, J. Otal, A. Russo, G. Vincenzi, ``Groups with the Minimal Condition for Abnormal Subgroups''

  24. L.A. Kurdachenko, J. Otal, I.Ya. Subbotin, ``Abnormal, pronormal, contranormal and Carter subgroups in some generalized minimax groups''

  25. E. Artal, J.I. Cogolludo, H. Tokunaga, ``Pencils and Infinite Dihedral Covers of P2''

  26. C. Martínez, W. Willems, ``Self-dual extended cyclic codes''

  27. C. Martínez, B.E.A. Nucinkis, ``Cohomological dimension of MacKey functors for infinite groups''

  28. P. Benito, C. Draper, A. Elduque, ``Lie-Yamaguti algebras related to g2''

  29. V. Domínguez, F.J. Sayas, ``Overlapped BEM-FEM for some Helmholtz transmission problems''

  30. J.M. Carnicer, E. Mainar, J.M. Peña, ``Shape preservation regions for six-dimensional spaces''