Universidad de Zaragoza     Sem. Mat. G. Galdeano
Seminario Matemático ``García de Galdeano''

Lista de Pre-publicaciones. Año 2002

  1. A. Elipe ``On the attitude dynamics of perturbed triaxial rigid bodies.''

  2. A. Elipe, D. Farrelly, I. Wytrzyszczak ``Phase Space Structure of the Penning Trap with Octupole Perturbation.''

  3. J. L. Arregui, O. Blasco ``(p;q) - Summing sequences.''

  4. L. A. Cordero, M. Fernández, L. Ugarte ``Lefschetz complex conditions for complex manifolds.''

  5. L. A. Cordero, M. Fernández, L. Ugarte ``Abelian complex structures on 6 - dimensional compact nilmanifolds.''

  6. L. Muñoz, P. Olave, M. Salvador ``Joint selection of the model and its information base in a heteroscedastic context: An application to the Spanish stock market.''

  7. L. Muñoz, P. Olave, M. Salvador ``Variations in returns/volatility and persistence in variance: An application to the Spanish stock market.''

  8. J. Bastero, M. Romance ``Dual mixed volumes, isotropic measures and reverse dual isoperimetric inequalities for convex bodies.''

  9. C. Martínez-Pérez ``A spectral sequence in Bredon (co)homology.''

  10. J. P. Lafuente, C. Martínez-Pérez ``Extensions of irreducible KG-modules.''

  11. C. Martínez-Pérez ``On p-chief factors and extensions of KG-modules.''

  12. M. A. Navascués, M. V. Sebastián ``Surface Laplacian and Brain Mapping.''

  13. R. Celorrio, V. Domínguez, F.J. Sayas ``Overlapped BEM­FEM and some Schwarz iterations.''

  14. M. Alfaro, J.J. Moreno-Balcázar, M.L. Rezola ``Asymptotic properties of Laguerre-­Sobolev orthogonal polynomials.''

  15. J.C. Ciria, E. Domínguez, A.R. Francés ``A Jordan-­Brouwer and Index Theorems for simplicity 26-surfaces .''

  16. L.A. Kurdachenko, J. Otal ``Groups with a few non-subnormal subgroups.''

  17. I. Higueras, J. A. Moler, F. Plo, M. San Miguel ``Urn models and Differential Algebraic Equations.''

  18. E. Artal, J. Carmona, J.I Cogolludo ``Effective invariants of braid monodromy.''

  19. M. A. Navascués, M. V. Sebastián``Some results of convergence of cubic spline fractal interpolation functions.''

  20. H. M. Hilden M. T. Lozano J. M. Montesinos-Amilibia ``Character varieties and peripheral polynomials of a class of knots.''

  21. L. A. Kurdachenko J. Otal A. Russo G. Vincenzi ``Groups whose Non-Normal Subgroups Have Finite Conjugacy Classes.''

  22. M. Arribas A. Elipe A. Riaguas ``Non-integrability of anisotropic quasi homogeneous Hamiltonian systems.''

  23. M. Lara F. Blesa A. Elipe M. A. Soriano ``An efficient method for searching periodic orbits in Earth observation missions.''

  24. J. Bastero M. Romance``A characterization of the l-position of a convex body in terms of covariance matrices.''

  25. J. Bastero M. Romance``An integral inequality concerning isotropic measures on the unit circle.''

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