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The New Water Culture Foundation

The New Water Culture Foundation started as the result of the “Iberic Congress about Water Management and Planning”, celebrated every two years since 1998 with the support of more than 70 Spanish and Portuguese Universities. The Foundation has about 100 founder members, with outstanding specialists in every area related to the water management, most of them coming from the academic field.

The foundation structure us based on a patronage that consists of 14 spanish and portuguese founder members, who elects a board of directors that will carry out the projects aproved by the Anual Meeting.

The New Water Culture Foundation is a consequence of the I “Iberic Congress about Water Management and Planning”, held in Zaragoza in 1998, since then the Foundation organizes it every two years.

The Foundation gives every year the prize “Nueva Cultura del Agua-La Dragona” , consisting of a bronze little statue of the “Dragona Iberia” and 3.000 euros, to those organizations that work in favour of this philosophy.

22.03.10 - 27.03.10

Advanced Course: "Coastal groundwater for irrigation and supply: sustainable use and remediation actions"


20.05.10 - 21.05.10

Groundwater Conference 2010 “Groundwater Protection in the EU. Best practice in the implementation of the Water Framework Directive and the Groundwater Directive”

23.10.08 Documents

"Ethical Principles for Global Mobilisation against the Water Crisis."


16.10.08 Documents

"Fundamentals of Physical Hydronomics: a new approach to assess the environmental costs of the European Water Framework Directive." by Antonio Valero, Javier Uche, Alicia Valero, Amaya Martínez, José Manuel Naredo and Joan Escriu.


06.10.08 Documents

European Centre for River Restoration Newsletter


23.09.08 Documents

"Re-thinking water scarcity: Can science and technology solve the global water crisis?" by Elena Lopez-Gunn y Manuel Ramón Llamas


22.09.08 Documents

"The 2008 Zaragoza Charter"



La rebelión de la montaña. Los conflictos del agua en Aragón.


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