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To talk about the need of a New Culture of Water is similar to talk about the challenge of that New Culture of Sustainability the times demand. It is like talking about the need to change to a new global outlook, made up of values of Water Management. Doubtless, traditional Water policies are not enough to incorporate the needs and worries of our society nor to give proper answers to the challenges of a new model based on sustainability. In order to harmonize social welfare improvement with environment limits, guaranteeing its conservation, it is necessary to switch Water policies objectives and to change the Culture of our Society.

Perhaps, our occidental privileged societies could yet choose the option of going on with these policies, in an unsustainability spiral. But it only could be possible sacrificing the rights of future generations and increasing existing world injustices. The fight against poverty, the ecological efficiency and the conservation of our natural inheritance are the keys of that challenge of ethical responsibility we must face. From the New Water Culture, this ethical commitment demands the construction of alternatives and practical examples. In these examples, improvements in quality of life must be, not only compatible, but based on the recovery and conservation of our water ecosystems. Finally, it is about a better life with less resources, but of a better quality and more fairly distributed.

One of the keys is to admit and understand that a river is much more than a H20 channel, in the same way that we already admit that a forest is much more than a wood store. To understand the social, cultural and identity values of rivers, lakes and wetlands; to know the complex life pyramid they host; to value the importance of the balances and functions of the natural hydrological cycle and the services it gives to us; to recover the leisure use and the aesthetic value of water, both in Nature and in cities...; everything without forgetting the need of an efficient management of the economic uses of water as a productive resource, are the keys of that New Water Culture. Keys of a new and necessary interdisciplinary outlook that, besides securing a fear, reasonable, social and efficient use of water as a resource, guarantees a sustainable management of rivers and water ecosystems, set up from the coherence and complexity of river basins as natural management units for water.

22.03.10 - 27.03.10

Advanced Course: "Coastal groundwater for irrigation and supply: sustainable use and remediation actions"


20.05.10 - 21.05.10

Groundwater Conference 2010 “Groundwater Protection in the EU. Best practice in the implementation of the Water Framework Directive and the Groundwater Directive”

23.10.08 Documents

"Ethical Principles for Global Mobilisation against the Water Crisis."


16.10.08 Documents

"Fundamentals of Physical Hydronomics: a new approach to assess the environmental costs of the European Water Framework Directive." by Antonio Valero, Javier Uche, Alicia Valero, Amaya Martínez, José Manuel Naredo and Joan Escriu.


06.10.08 Documents

European Centre for River Restoration Newsletter


23.09.08 Documents

"Re-thinking water scarcity: Can science and technology solve the global water crisis?" by Elena Lopez-Gunn y Manuel Ramón Llamas


22.09.08 Documents

"The 2008 Zaragoza Charter"



La rebelión de la montaña. Los conflictos del agua en Aragón.


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