This is the public site of the FlowGrid Project. It contains information on the project aims, development and results, and on the project consortium.Please feel free to browse the site, and send us any comments or questions.

FlowGrid is is funded by the European Union as project IST-2001-38433. It started in September 2002, and it will run for 27 months.

The FlowGrid consortium consists of six project partners, namely CERTH/CPERI (Greece), HSVA (Germany), Skoda (Czech Republic.), Symban (UK), University of Zaragoza (Spain) and ZIB (Germany).

In order to develop the FlowGrid environment, research and development will be carried out in the following areas:



FLOWGRID is an example of a GRID computing environment, with the vision to enable CFD simulations to be set-up, executed and monitored on geographically and organisationally dispersed computing resources. It consists of several modules, which together form an environment in which the user can:

  • Register to the service via the FlowGrid Portal;

  • Interactively create or modify CFD cases;

  • Examine available resources and choose where to run his/her problem;

  • Submit a case to run on a chosen system;

  • Monitor and influence the solution process;

  • View the results in real time as the solution progresses;

  • Interactively view the results at the end of a computation.

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