Client software


The FlowGrid client is a graphical CFD pre- and post-processors with enhanced functionalities for interacting, via FlowServe, with FlowGrid. The FlowGrid client can be downloaded from the FlowGrid portal when the user registers, and runs on Windows XP systems.

The FlowGrid client performs the following functions:

The interaction of the Client with FlowGrid is provided through the following functions:

  • The Get Resources option, when clicked, provides the current available resources on the FlowGrid service. Effectively, the client will prompts the appropriate FlowServe server to send the available resources in the form of an XML file. The resources are displayed in a tree-like format, where the user can select resources for her job.
  • The Submit Job option allows the user to submit a job with the resources already allocated. If no resources have been selected, then a job submission is prevented and the user is directed to allocate resources first before a job is submitted.
  • The Job Status option lists a history of jobs that have been submitted to the FlowGrid service. Effectively, the client will prompt FlowServe to send an up-to-date XML file with information for each job that has been submitte. Each job listed is displayed with a colour dependent on the job status.
  • The Monitor Job option provides a facility for monitoring a job from a list of active jobs. The user gets a list of active jobs, and when she makes a selection data is sent to the client from FlowServe, ready to be displayed on the Client’s monitor.
  • The Delete Job option allows users first to view their Jobs and their status, and then allow them to delete a job that is running remotely. Jobs that have been submitted and not yet running can also be deleted.
  • The Get Results option lists all the Jobs that have been completed and allows the user to download the result from completed jobs.

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