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These pages inform about the Architecture & University Foundation Project. Bienal de Zaragoza. All the information advanced, including the programs, services, collaboration systems and collaborators, could vary in a near future, depending on the final draft and your own advises. Contact us!.

The fBAUZ is the first and only spanish common point of encounter for the architecture students, architects, and related publishing, construction or technical companies. It holds each two years a major festival plenty of expositions, academic lectures and presentations called the 'editions of the BAUZ'. The city of Zaragoza, situated at the very halfway between Madrid and Barcelona (Spain. Europe), looks like an unique architecture exhibition when it happens the 'editions of the BAUZ'.

If you are interested in collaborating with us, look at the final questions on these pages and tell us who you are and what can we do for you.

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Where and what in the world is Zaragoza, Aragón?


Where in Spain are located the cities of Madrid, Zaragoza and Barcelona...

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