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please find attached this monthly issue of "The European Constitution newsletter" your online-review of recent published working papers, documents and other material of interest concerning the constitutional process compiled by the PhD Programme: European Union of the University of Zaragoza. The summary also contains material which has been uploaded regarding former steps in this process and references to articles published in specialized journals, for reasons of publisher rights we are not able to provide access to the full text.
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Mario Koelling
Newsletter editor

Forthcoming events

Conference on "The International relations of the regions: subnational actors, paradiplomacy and multi-level governance", 5-6 October 2006 in Zaragoza.

"Understanding European Public Opinion", Special Eurobarometer Conference, 27 October 2006 in Madrid.

New Analysis

Kurpas, S; De Clerck-Sachsse, J; Torreblanca, J.I; Ricard-Nihoul, G. (2006), From Threat to Opportunity: Making Flexible Integration Work, EPIN, working paper, No. 15, 29.09.2006. (PDF)

Moravcsik, A. (2006), What Can We Learn from the Collapse of the European Constitutional Project?, Notre Europe, to appear in Politische Vierteljahresschrift, 47. Jg. (2006), Heft 2, S. 219–241. (PDF)

Fossum, J.E.(2006), Europe's American Dream?, ARENA Centre for European Studies, University of Oslo. (PDF)

Bertelsmann Group for Policy Research; Center for Applied Policy Research(2006), Europe’s Strategic Responses, Strategy Paper for the 10th International Bertelsmann Forum 2006, Berlin, 22/23.09.2006. (PDF)

Leinen, J. (2006), The Costs of No Constitution, Brussels, 19.09.2006. (PDF)

Institut für Europäische Politik (ed.) EU-25 Watch, No. 3, July 2006. (PDF)

EPC Policy Dialogue on: Can the Constitution be saved? If so, how and by whom?, Event report, 15.09.2006. (HTML)

Gil Robles y Gil Delgado, J.M. (2006), La Ratificación de la Constitución. Efectos del referéndum positivo español, intervención, en la Jornada "Europa como necesidad", Cortes de Aragón, 12.05.2006. (Word)


New Documents

Bundesaußenminister Steinmeier, Rede bei der Konferenz der SPD-Bundestagsfraktion in Berlin, 25.09.2006. (German) (HTML)

Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel, Eröffnungsrede, Internationales Bertelsmann Forum „Die Zukunft der Europäischen Union“, 22.09.2006. (German) (HTML)

Romano Prodi : "Une Constitution limitée aux grands principes", Entretien, Le Monde, 13.09.06. (French) (HTML)

Ministre d'Etat M. Nicolas Sarkozy, Intervention devant Friends of Europe / Amis de l'Europe, Fondation Robert Schuman, 8.09.2006. (French) (PDF)


New Links

Oceana Publications: Constitutions of the Countries of the World

Bertelsmann Stiftung: International Bertelsmann Forum 2006 - downloads on the EU Constitution



02.10.2006 [Comment] Algebra, geometry and a constitutional vision, EUobserver.com

Following the presentation of the Commission's recommendations on Tuesday this week as to whether they should be allowed to join the European Union less than 100 days hence, it would now require something of a political earthquake for Romania and Bulgaria not to be running the blue flag up the flag pole on 1 January 2007.

28.09.2006 Select group of politicians to tackle EU constitution, EUobserver.com

Work on the EU constitution is to begin again in an informal manner when a "wise" group of politicians and officials from accross Europe gather in Rome this weekend to see if they can come up with solutions to pull Europe out of its institutional impasse.

19.09.2006 Brussels considers report on 'costs of no EU constitution', EUobserver.com

The European Commission is currently considering whether to produce a report on the costs of not having an EU constitution.

14.09.2006 Prodi proposes to chop down EU constitution, EUobserver.com

Italy's prime minister Romano Prodi has called for a slimmed-down version of the EU constitution, echoing proposals for a "mini treaty" made by French presidential hopeful Nicolas Sarkozy.

11.09.2006 Catholic high-level group could fuel EU 'God' debate, EUobserver.com

European bishops have commissioned a high-profile group of thinkers to draft a report on the EU's common values, in a move which could spur the debate on the need to include Christianity in a new EU treaty text.

08.09.2006 Sarkozy keen on radical shake up of EU institutions, EUobserver.com

French presidential hopeful Nicolas Sarkozy has proposed radical EU reforms such as getting the European Commission president to pick his own commissioners and cross-border European Parliament elections - but first he wants a new EU "mini treaty."

05.09.2006 Germany to make EU constitution a priority next year, EUobserver.com

Germany's foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier has said that reviving the EU constitution will be one of the priorities of his country's EU presidency next year.


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