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The Reform Treaty - Preparation; Negotiation, Ratification

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Foreign and Commonwealth Office: Britain in the EU: The Reform Treaty

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Mesa Redonda - El Tratado de Reforma de la UE
25 de Octubre 2007
Centro de Estudios Políticos y Constitucionales, Madrid

New Analysis

Brady, H. (2007), Yes to a referendum, but not on this treaty, CER Bulletin Issue 56, October/November 2007. (HTML)

Vetters, R. (2007), The Constitutional Debate Revisited: Patterns of Public Claims-Making in Constitutional Debates in France and Germany 2001-2005, Draft Paper for the ARENA Seminar on September 25th, 2007. (PDF)

Riley, A. (2007), The EU Reform Treaty and the Competition Protocol: Undermining EC Competition Law, CEPS Policy Briefs, no. 142. (PDF)

Petschen, S. (2007), El Mandato para el Tratado de Reforma: la consolidación definitiva de la Europa del establishment político de los Estados, ARI Nº 99/2007. (Spanish) (PDF)

Marchetti, A.; Zimmek, M. (ed.) (2007), Annäherungen an Europa. Beiträge zur deutschen EU-Ratspräsidentschaft, ZEI Discussion Paper, C 1752. (German) (PDF)

Chopin, T.; Jamet, J.F. (2007), The Distribution of MEP seats in the European Parliament between the Member States: both a democratic and diplomatic issue, Fondation Robert Schuman, 11.09.07. (French) (HTML)

Donnelly, B. (2007), The European Union after the European Reform Treaty, Federal Union, 9.09.2007. (HTML)

Open Europe (2007), The constitutional treaty: A comparative text, Version 1.0, 15.08.2007. (PDF)

Seeger, S.; Hierlemann, D. (2007), The subversive power of politics, The Bridge - A quarterly review on European integration. (HTML)

Carrera, S.; Geyer, F. (2007), The Reform Treaty & Justice and Home Affairs - Implications for the common Area of Freedom, Security and Justice, CEPS Policy Brief. (PDF)

The Federal Trust (2007), The Results of the June European Council - A New Treaty is Born, Analysis. (HTML)

Müller-Graff, P.C. (2007), Die Zukunft des europäischen Verfassungstopos und Primärrechts nach der deutschen Ratspräsidentschaft, integration, 3/07, Juli 2007. (German) (PDF)

Schild, J. (2007), Sarkozys Europapolitik: Das zunehmende Gewicht der Innenpolitk, integration, 3/07, Juli 2007. (German) (PDF)

Handl, V. (2007), Die deutsche Ratspräsidentschaft aus tschechischer Sicht, integration, 3/07, Juli 2007. (German) (PDF)

Duff, A. (2007), Das Mandat für die Regierungskonferenz – Die zweite Chance, integration, 3/07, Juli 2007. (German) (PDF)

Moberg, A. (2007), Is the double majority really double? The second round in the debate of the voting rules in the EU Constitutional Treaty, Real Instituto Elcano, WP 23/2007. (PDF)

Seeger, S. (2007), Dramatik auf der Hauptbühne, Routine an den Nebenschauplätzen - Bilanz des EU-Gipfels, CAP Aktuell 11. (German) (PDF)


New Documents

President of the European Commission José Manuel Barroso (2007), Engagement with Europe: an opportunity, not a threat, speech at the Liberal Democrat Annual Party Conference, Brighton, 17.09.2007. (HTML)

European Parliament (2007), Draft Report on the proposed amendment of the provisions of the Treaty concerning the composition of the European Parliament, 05.09.2007. (PDF)

European Central Bank (2007), Clarification of the institutional status of the ECB, letter to the Portuguese EU presidency, 02.08.2007. (PDF)

Draft Reform Treaty
  Draft Treaty amending the Treaty on European Union and the Treaty establishing the European Community (PDF)
  Draft Preamble (PDF)
  Draft declarations (PDF)
  Protocols (PDF)





28.09.2007 EU referendum question opened in Denmark, EUobserver.com

In a surprise move, the political spokesperson for the governing conservative party in Denmark, Pia Christmas-Møller, has spoken out in favour of a referendum on the EU's Refom Treaty, calling it 'idiotic' not to put it to a public poll.

27.09.2007 Personal data protection under threat in EU treaty draft, EUobserver.com

Negotiations on the new EU treaty have thrown up sensitive questions about how citizens' personal data should be kept and accessed in the future with MEPs suggesting that if the current wording is not changed it could throw treaty ratification off course.

26.09.2007 [Comment] The EU Reform Treaty: a badly written version of the EU constitution, EUobserver.com

The Reform Treaty is the same as the rejected EU constitution only it is much more difficult to read, says Danish MEP Jens-Peter Bonde. He calls for fresh negotiations resulting in a document that is put to a referendum in all member states.

19.09.2007 EU treaty negotiations proceed slowly, EUobserver.com

With only a month to go until final talks on a new EU treaty are supposed to be wrapped up, negotiations are progressing painfully - particularly in relation to Britain and its special status in several legislative areas.

18.09.2007 Europe is not a 'threat' Barroso tells UK, EUobserver.com

European commission president Jose Manuel Barroso has told UK politicians they have nothing to fear from Europe and they should back the new Reform Treaty.

18.09.2007 Father of EU constitution issues referendum warning, EUobserver.com

The architect of the rejected European constitution, Valery Giscard d'Estaing, has criticized ideas by Dutch politicians to hold a referendum on the EU's Reform Treaty. He also deplored some of the textual changes that make his old project more low-profile.

17.09.2007 Dutch government struggling with EU referendum decision, EUobserver.com

The Dutch government has postponed by one week a decision on whether to hold a referendum on the EU's Reform Treaty, as coalition parties are reportedly divided on the tricky issue.

11.09.2007 MEPs divided in seats debate, EUobserver.com

MEPs are divided over a draft report on how their seats should be allocated after the 2009 parliamentary elections with Italian and Irish MEPs feeling hard done by. The authors of the report agreed it was imperfect and only a temporary solution.

10.09.2007 Denmark brings forward decision on treaty referendum, EUobserver.com

The Danish government has pushed forward a decision on whether or not to hold a referendum on the EU's new treaty, saying it will start examining the issue next month instead of in December as planned.

08.09.2007 EU faces further hurdles on last treaty lap, EUobserver.com

EU talks on a new treaty produced no breakthrough making it likely that EU leaders will have to lock horns on the issue next month. However, there were some fresh initiatives to make the new draft treaty - widely derided as incomprehensable - more citizen friendly.

07.09.2007 Fast-track treaty talks start in Portugal, EUobserver.com

The first test of whether the fast-track timetable for the new EU treaty has a chance of succeeding will take place today when EU foreign ministers discuss the contentious points in the document.

06.09.2007 UK's Brown to face cross-party push for treaty referendum, EUobserver.com

UK prime minister Gordon Brown is being further cornered over the EU's new treaty, as three major parties – conservatives, labour and liberal democrats – are set to kick off a united campaign dubbed "I want a referendum" later today.

06.09.2007 Four member states to get more MEPs, EUobserver.com

Under preliminary proposals on seat distribution by the European Parliament from 2009, Sweden, Austria, Slovenia and Malta are the only member states to get a stronger representation in the EU assembly than they have now. 17 countries will lose deputies.

04.09.2007 Tough debate on MEP seats kicks off, EUobserver.com

At their first meeting after the summer recess, the European lawmakers have kicked off a highly political debate about how seats for MEPs should be distributed between 27 EU states – something closely linked to a new treaty.

03.09.2007 Poland seeks EU court adviser post in treaty talks, EUobserver.com

Poland is demanding that it gets a permanent legal adviser to the European Court of Justice as part of ongoing talks on a new EU treaty, while also insisting on a stronger voting position on EU legislation.

03.09.2007 EU is too big and diverse, says parliament's ex-chief, EUobserver.com

The European Union is too big and too diverse to be able to rally around common political projects needed to survive, the former president of the European Parliament has said.

29.08.2007 EU resumes treaty wrangling as political issues remain, EUobserver.com

As the deadline for political agreement on the new European treaty draws closer, EU officials believe that while the treaty outline is relatively tight, up to seven remaining issues are political rather than purely technical.




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