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Please find attached this monthly issue of "The European Constitution newsletter" your online-review of recent published working papers, documents and other material of interest concerning the constitutional process compiled by the PhD Programme: European Union of the University of Zaragoza. The summary also contains material which has been uploaded regarding former steps in this process and references to articles published in specialized journals, for reasons of publisher rights we are not able to provide access to the full text.
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The Lisbon Treaty - Ratification

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EurActiv.com - Ratifying the Treaty of Lisbon (HTML)

EurActiv.com - Dossier regarding the Lisbon Treaty (HTML)

Stanley’s blog (HTML)

New Analysis

Papier, H.J. (2008), Europas Neue Nüchternheit: Der Vertrag von Lissabon, speech at the Humboldt-University Berlin, 21.02.2008. (German) (PDF)

Micossi, S. (2008), Democracy in the European Union, CEPS Working Document No. 286, February 2008. (PDF)

McNamara, S. (2008), The EU Reform Treaty: A Threat to the Transatlantic Alliance, Background note 2109. (HTML)

Aldecoa Luzarragal, F.; Guinea Llorente, M. (2008), El rescate sustancial de la Constitución Europea a través del Tratado de Lisboa: la salida del laberinto, Real Instituto Elcano, DT Nº 9/2008 - 20/02/2008.

Butler, N. (2008), My five ideas for Europe's future, CER Bulletin , Issue 58, February/March 2008. (HTML)

McNamara, S. (2008), The EU Reform Treaty: Why Washington should be concerned, Heritage Foundation: European Analysis, WebMemo #1789. (HTML)

Bertoncini, Y.; Chopin, T. (2008), The Lisbon Treaty - useful answers but which are only partial considering the challenges faced by the European Union, Robert Schuman Foundation, EI n°87, 28.01.2008. (HTML) (French)

New Documents

European Parliament (2008), Plenary Debate regarding the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty, 20.02.2008. (HTML)




28.02.2008, Poland's parliament resolves to vote on Lisbon Treaty, EUbusiness.com

Poland's parliament on Thursday resolved to vote on the ratification of the European Union's Lisbon Treaty at a later, as yet unspecified, session instead of seeking a public referendum on the issue.

27.02.2008 Top German judge questions democratic innovations to EU treaty, EUobserver.com

Germany's most senior judge has suggested that while democracy has been strengthened in the EU's new treaty, a key innovation involving national parliaments does not go far enough and member states have no guarantee that EU powers will not continue to grow.

27.02.2008 Dublin agrees wording for EU treaty referendum bill, EUobserver.com

The Irish government on Tuesday agreed the wording for the EU treaty referendum bill, with the text especially crafted to allay fears that the country's traditional neutrality will be undermined by the new EU document.

26.02.2008 EU petitions committee debates Brussels-Strasbourg 'travelling circus', EUobserver.com

Campaigners hoping to bring an end to the European Parliament's costly 'travelling circus' between Brussels and Strasbourg have seen their first 'official' exchange of views on this contentious issue in any of the European institutions.

20.02.2008 MEPs vote in favour of EU treaty, EUobserver.com

MEPs on Wednesday voted strongly in favour of the EU's latest treaty. Irish MEPs meanwhile have warned Brussels against picking fights with Ireland in the sensitive run-up to the country's referendum on the document.

20.02.2008 EU treaty ratification may be delayed in Germany, EUobserver.com

Formal ratification of the EU treaty in Germany may be delayed, meaning the bloc's biggest member state would not sign off the treaty in time for it to come into force across all member states at the beginning of 2009 as planned.

11.02.2008 Copenhagen asked to check workers' rights before EU treaty ratified, EUobserver.com

The Danish government has been advised to seek guarantees on its collective bargaining rights system - seen as underpinning the highly successful Nordic social model - before the EU's new treaty goes for ratification.




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