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Mario Koelling
Newsletter editor


New Analysis

Liisberg, J. B. (2006), The EU Constitutional Treaty and its distinction between legislative and non-legislative acts – Oranges into apples?, Jean Monnet Working Papers 01/06. (PDF)

Cohen-Tanugi, L., (2006), Europe Halte à l’immobilisme!, Notre Europe, 23 Mai. (PDF) (French)

Herranz, A.; Mestres, L. (2006), El Tratado Constitucional Europeo tras un año de reflexión: desenlaces posibles, probables y deseables para España y la UE, Memorando del Observatorio de política exterior española (OPEX) Nº 11/2006, abril 2006. (PDF) (Spanish)

Seeger, S. (2006), Spiel auf Zeit - Die Debatte um die Zukunft der europäischen Verfassung, CAP Aktuell 3. (PDF) (German)

Baldwin, R. (2006), Trail to Failure: History of the Constitutional Rejection and Implications for the Future, CEPS Policy Briefs, May 2006. (PDF)

Dutch foreign ministry (2006), The Netherlands in Europe, Internet Survey, May 2006. (PDF) (Dutch)

Ricard-Nihoul, Gaëtane (2006), Quel avenir pour le Traité Constitutionnel?, Notre Europe, Les Brefs, Mai 2006. (PDF) (French)

LH2 / Libération, Les Français et le Référendum sur le Traité Constitutionnel Européen, Sondage, Mai 2006. (PDF) (French)

Fondation Robert Schuman (2006), Ameliorations Institutionnelles a partir du cadre des Traites existants, 24 avril 2006. (PDF)

Closa, C. (2005), The Europeanization of Ratification Procedures: Towards a EU-Wide Constitutional Convention, Instituto Português de Relações Internacionais, Working Paper n.º 8.(PDF)

Greco, E. (2006), And Yet It Moves: The European Constitutional Debate One Year Later, The Brookings Institution, U.S.-Europe Analysis Series. (PDF)

Eurobarometer (2006), The Future of Europe, Special Eurobarometer 251. (PDF)
(for Fact sheets per member state please visit our country sites)

Eurobarometer (2006), The European citizens and the future of Europe, Qualitative Study among citizens in the 25 member states, Overall Report, May 2006. (PDF)

Cooper, I. (2006), The Watchdogs of Subsidiarity: National Parliaments and the Logic of Arguing in the EU, Journal of Common Market Studies, Volume 44, Issue 2, pp. 281-304, Jun 2006.

The 2004 Constitutional Treaty features an 'early warning system' (EWS) in which national parliaments will scrutinize European legislative proposals to assess whether they comply with the principle of subsidiarity. In constructivist terms, this procedure effectively sets up the Commission and the national parliaments as interlocutors in an argument over when and how the EU should legislate. At a minimum, this system – which should be expanded to include proportionality – will alleviate the 'democratic deficit' by enhancing the parliamentary scrutiny of EU legislation. If it works well, it will improve the subsidiarity compliance of EU legislation and produce a clearer substantive definition of the principle.


New Documents

Finland’s Presidency of the EU, Preliminary agenda, 24.05.2006. (PDF)

Austrian Foreign Minister Ursula Plassnik, First building blocks for new consensus on future of EU, Press Release, 28.05.2006. (HTML)

Dutch foreign ministry, Letter to parliament on period of reflection, 19.05.2006. (PDF) (Dutch) Press Release (English)

Commission of the European Communities, The Period of reflection and Plan D, COM(2006) 212, Brussels, 10.5.2006.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Speech to the German Bundestag, 11.05.2006. (HTML)

The Taoiseach, Mr. Bertie Ahern T.D., Speech at a Celebration of Europe Day at Dublin City Hall, 08.05.2006.

Irish Minister of State Noel Treacy, Address to the DIT Conference "European Constitution - Pathways and Pitfalls", 05.05.2006.

New Links

Website on the inter-parliamentary meeting on the future of Europe, 8 and 9 May 2006 (HTML)

Website of Finland’s EU Presidency (HTML)

EurActiv.com - Dossier regarding the Future of the EU (HTML)

Site internet d'information sur l'Europe: Toute l'Europe (HTML)

The "Reflection Period"

Forthcoming events

European Council: 15.06. - 16.06.2006



30.05.2006 Denmark would put EU constitution to referendum: foreign minister, EUbusiness.com

Denmark favours the adoption of the European Constitution, currently in limbo, but would only ratify the document by referendum, Danish Foreign Minister Per Stig Moeller told AFP on Monday.

29.05.2006 Prodi supports 'simplified' EU charter to avoid another No, EUobserver.com

During a "sentimental trip" back to Brussels, the new Italian prime minister and ex-president of the European Commission said the bloc needs a new "simplified" EU constitution text, developed in a more "optimistic atmosphere".

29.05.2006 Comment - Enthusiasm and frustration in Europe, EUobserver.com

A year after the French and Dutch rejections of the constitution, a strong division is apparent between the EU political elite and the citizens of Europe, who want to be equal partners in the European political process, says Bruno Kaufmann.

29.05.2006 Big questions linger in EU constitution debate, EUobserver.com

One year, several meetings, reflections and half-statements later and it is clear that Europe is still not sure how to take the EU constitution out of its moribund state.

28.05.2006 EU agrees 2009 treaty deadline but rifts remain, EUobserver.com

Foreign ministers have agreed a 2009 deadline for consensus on a new EU treaty, while the European Commission suffered a blow with two of its key proposals failing to win support.

27.05.2006 EU moves towards deal on 2009 deadline for new treaty, EUobserver.com

Foreign ministers are set to agree on a 2009 deadline for changes to the EU treaty, while extending the so-called "reflection period" on the future of the union by one year, according to Dutch foreign minister Bernard Bo

26.05.2006 Merkel favours God reference in EU constitution, EUobserver.com

German chancellor Angela Merkel has spoken out in favour of a reference to God in the EU constitution, ahead of a meeting today with Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

26.05.2006 Foreign ministers hold cloistered talks on EU future, EUobserver.com

EU foreign ministers will this weekend gather in a monastery near Vienna for what could prove to be key talks on the future of the EU, amid deep divisions on the fate of the bloc's constitution.

26.05.2006 Finland's EU presidency to tackle constitution, EUobserver.com

The Finnish EU presidency will focus on continuing ratification of the EU constitution, transparency, globalisation and climate change, when it takes over the rotating presidency in just over a month's time.

24.05.2006 Austria and Belgium urge haste with EU constitution text, EUobserver.com

Austrian chancellor Wolfgang Schussel has said a new EU treaty should be finalised already next year, while Belgium's foreign minister has proposed to lift member states' vetoes over treaty changes.

23.05.2006 Giscard demands second chance for EU constitution in France, EUobserver.com

The architect of the EU constitution Valery Giscard d'Estaing has called for the charter to be ratified in France through a new referendum or a parliamentary vote.

22.05.2006 Dutch open to EU treaty changes from 2008, EUobserver.com

The Netherlands could envisage EU treaty changes from 2008-2009 but wants to put a brake on enlargement, according to a Dutch government letter spelling out the first clear policy conclusions from last year's Dutch 'no' to the EU constitution.

19.05.2006 Poland warming up to EU constitution, EUobserver.com

Poland is becoming more friendly toward the idea of an EU constitution, with new foreign minister Anna Fotyga set to give broad backing to the project at an upcoming gathering of EU foreign ministers in Austria.

17.05.2006 French would still vote 'no' to EU constitution, EUobserver.com

Almost a year after France rejected the EU constitution in a popular referendum, fresh research has revealed that French voters would still say "no" to the treaty today.

15.05.2006 EU remains split on constitution ahead of June summit, EUbusiness.com

The European Union remains divided over the fate of the bloc's ailing constitution, due to be discussed at an EU summit next month, officials said

12.05.2006 Finnish parliament starts EU Constitution ratification process, EUobserver.com

Finland's parliament on Friday voted in favour of starting the process to ratify the EU Constitution.

11.05.2006 Merkel calls for new era in the EU, EUobserver.com

In her first major EU policy speech since becoming German chancellor Angela Merkel has said that Europe needs a new reason for its existence, more in tune with everyday concerns of EU citizens.

09.05.2006 Brussels urges 2007 declaration to break EU constitution deadlock, EUobserver.com

The European Commission is asking EU leaders to sign a declaration next year on the EU's goals and values, as a first concrete step to end the bloc's constitutional impasse.

09.05.2006 Estonia ratifies EU constitution, EUobserver.com

Estonia has become the 15th country to ratify the EU constitution when its parliament voted with a clear majority in favour of the treaty on Tuesday.

05.05.2006 EU constitution features low on citizens' list of benefits for Europe, EUobserver.com

A European constitution is low among the issues EU citizens think would be helpful for the future of Europe, while 63 percent fear that further enlargement will increase problems on their national job market, according to a new poll published on Friday.


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